Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Worship Wednesday: Focus On Him

Keep your eyes on the Lord! He will sustain you!

Monday, January 28, 2013

A Little Whine and A Lot of Easy!

Hello Monday!

Not exactly lovin' this Monday. I must get over myself today.


It's not about me. It has never been about me.

So there. I am D.O.N.E. Done with my pity party moment.

On to something else. I have a confession. I am a Pinter*st addict. Although, I have been much better and spent a lot less time on there in recent months. I thought about camping out there for a couple hours on Friday. We had a bit of an ice storm on Friday (yucky mess, not worth the cold, ready for Spring!!) so we were in for the afternoon and evening. I don't know about you, but when we are cooped up, it seems as if all we do is eat. So I hopped onto my Pinter*st boards and picked out some quick & easy something to try. 

I had already decided we would have Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup for supper. So, I thought I would try out this.... Bub had seen it somewhere,(he loves all things peanut butter, chocolate and Or*o) I had pinned it. Just so you know, I didn't take pictures, these are from Pinter*st. Who thinks of taking pictures when its time to eat??


Ok...this was an almost fail for me. I used paper liners which the Ore* stuck to. But, other than struggling with the paper they were good. If there is a next time...skipping the liners. 

So, we get up Saturday morning thinking we are in for the day. NOT. Roads were clear (even though the driveway was not) so Kea's ballgame was just delayed an hour. 

So I quickly made this little number for breakfast.
Very good!! This one will be a keeper. It would probably be good with eggs too. 

We get to the game and we have to forfeit. Some parents are smarter than the average Recreation Coordinator and stayed at home. But, the boys got to play 4 on 4 and it was fun watching them play. Kea did great, and had several rebounds. But, bless him, he was tired. Never, has he played the whole game. HA!! 

We get home and as usual my crowd is hungry. Luckily for me I already had this idea on my mind. VERY quick and easy. May add this to the quick night meal list! So easy the kids could handle making this! 

Saw the picture
I used my regular size muffin tins, (next time maybe I will use my mini muffin tin) and cut up hot dogs into bite size pieces, and I put about 3 or 4 pieces of hot dogs into the cornbread mix. They went over pretty well. Of course they were more crumbly than a regular corn dog. But, I for one liked them much better, because I am not much of a corn dog fan. But, I definitely like some cornbread!!

No Pinter*st for supper. Bub had a game in Egypt. (seriously on the OTHER side of the county) So we went and got a burger at Jake's Wa*back Burgers before the game. So yeah, we went all out for dinner. Combo $4.50. What a deal!!

One more and I really must go... I needed a dessert for a Youth/Children's Ministry planning meeting for Sunday. So Sis, who loves Pinter*st,(she is the crafty one!) looks for a recipe while we are at Kea's game. OH BOY was this one good!! AND SUPER EASY TOO!!! We made it in less than 15 minutes!! Kea & Sis chopped the candy bars and I mixed the ingredients (cream cheese & Co*l Whip) and Wha - la!! 

Oh dear... I could probably have eaten a half of a pie. You can find the recipe at the link listed above. I used a 16oz container and got a chocolate pie shell and a graham cracker shell so I could make two pies. (you could make your own but my time was very limited) And I am trying to adopt  K.I.S.S. in my life. (keep it simple sister!!) (I could probably use fat free Co*l Whip & reduced fat cream cheese to reduce the calories, maybe next time.... or NOT!!) 

Ok, fess up.... are you a Pintere*t addict? 

If so, what have you tried lately?? 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

JOY! Thankful Thursday!

I will not lie. This week has not been one of those happy, happy, joy, joy weeks. I know there will be times that what I am seeing, or learning will not feel like "JOY!" But, rest assured, I am praying, watching, and expecting to see God even in weeks such as this.
Sunday night, a migraine set in. YUCK!! Sort of like the ccoolldd weather. Brrr. It set in, and finally, it is slowly dissipating. I tend to have what I call a "migraine hangover" for a couple days after. That's still lingering. I do feel much better today! Yayy!! One thing I am when I have a QUIET. Yes, those of you that really know me are probably shocked. I am QUIET and I want QUIET!

Monday, I visited a dear shut-in from our church. It was her 80th birthday. Don't think I am all that. Because, I really meant to put a card in the mail last week. I thought, "OK I will call her today". As the morning went on my migraine was relentless, but even more than that, the prodding of the Holy Spirit was so evident, that I needed to go visit her. As bad as I felt? Really? I didn't have it in me to wrestle the prodding. So, I took an hour, just a small tiny moment of my day and guess what? The Lord blessed me so, and also taught me a huge lesson. How many times have I missed an opportunity to bring JOY to someone else and the blessing God would have poured out on me had I listened??!! I have thought about stopping in to see her numerous times, and yet, NEVER made the time. She even called me the next night to thank me for visiting her. Talk about conviction. Whew! Has the Lord laid someone on your heart to call or visit and you keep saying, "I need to do ____."? And you haven't yet?? A HUGE reminder of the "O" in JOY. OTHERS before myself!

Kea battled a stomach bug Monday afternoon and evening. Just lovely. A migraine, and a sick little boy, that just wants Mom! The Lord said, Press on Mom! You got this and I am right here for you!!! The joy in this was he finally went to sleep at 10:15 and slept ALL NIGHT! He was better the next morning! Yay! Thank you Jesus!!

Yesterday, when I got home Bub was in the bed, sick. OH NO! Here we go. I was thinking Round 2! If he is in the bed.... he is really, really sick. He is the one that breezed through getting his wisdom teeth removed and wanted bacon the next day!!  I woke him up to see what was going on, and he has the sinus junk, headache, sore throat. With the flu going around, we headed to Urgent Care. Yay!! Thank you Jesus! ....No flu, just a sinus infection.

I know the title of this post is Thankful Thursday, and I haven't been very thankful through this post.


for the Holy Spirit's leading 
for the Lord's blessings
for the sweet words of an 80 year old prayer warrior
that my baby boy is better
that Bub did not have the flu(or the stomach bug)
for my friends that pray for me and encourage me
for my husband for putting up with me when I have a migraine. (I am not very nice)
that my headache is on its way OUT!!
that I have warm clothes now that winter decided to show up
for the sun this week and for sunglasses on my way to work!
that tomorrow is FRIDAY! 
that God is working JOY into my life
for God's WORD
for HIS discipline

Especially when I fail Him. When I fall. When I am disobedient.  

No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. Hebrews 12:11

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Worship Wednesday

"And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am:" Exodus 3:14a

 In the midst of your busy week, take a moment to Worship the GREAT I AM!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Flashback! Let the Sunshine In!

It has rained since Monday and although I know we needed the driveway has turned to M.U.D. Our yard is squishy, its just nasty!! Yucko!  With all the rain and the threat of the snow (ok for those of you that wanted snow, you got it, now its over!! yay!!) 

I was dreaming of SUNSHINE. WARM WEATHER. BEACH. With all that dreaming, this picture is appropriate! 

Looking at this picture brings me JOY! A family that I never thought I would ever have! God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and my precious children. And the memories of that vacation warm my heart! Although it does make me a little sad, the kids have grown up wayyyy to quickly! I now look up to Bub & Sis. Since this picture, Am has gotten married, and they are expecting their second child, and the sweetness that is between me & B, is now 8, and comes to my shoulder. For those of you with little ones, don't blink!! 

Have a great weekend! Yaayyyy no rain in the forecast!! (or SNOW!!!) 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Joy! : Thankful Thursday!

I want to thank the Lord for some of the JOY He has put in my path this week!!

*Encouraging texts help me get through my day! Special friends that take time out of their busy lives to send me a text with scripture or that they are praying for me brings me a lot of "JOY"! Lift your friends to the Lord and let them know about it! They will appreciate it, I KNOW!

*On my way home one day this week, I was feeling worn out and tired. Not so much physically, but spiritually.  I was asking the Lord to give strength and power to handle the evening. (I have a friend that calls getting home, homework, supper, etc  - the witching hour) Sometimes I feel that. And I am the WITCH. I am really working on that part of me. I find it hard to keep myself together, and I am diligently working on that area of my life. While sitting at a stop light, I look up and see a sign with the same words......
that cracked me up!! How many times have I said to my boys, "don't make me come in there!"????
Love how He puts things in my path, just when I need it!! A great way to start my evening! And wondered, just how many times has he said that to me??

*Had lunch with Leslie. We haven't had much time to talk or to catch up lately. I am so thankful for her!!  And that she works close by. We are going to have to have lunch more often! Nothing like catching up!!

*Went by a friend's house to drop something off. Wasn't expecting to stay but a minute. Got to sit, talk & pray for a short time. What a blessing that was for me! Little did I know that she had a rough day and God used me stopping by to encourage her. Little opportunities that I normally let slip by, because I am RARELY spontaneous like that.

* My husband.... because he puts up with my nonsense. Thankful that the Lord gives him patience with me.

*God's word has brought me a lot of JOY this week. He is for me! He loves me so much. He loves me enough to put me on a path that is for my good and His GLORY! May I follow in obedience.

*Now, I am not a "snow" person, but I have seem some JOY in my children (and some of my silly friends, you know who you are!!) at the mention of snow in the forecast. If it does snow..... I may like it for a moment....its been raining here ALL week! So it would be a welcome change. :) If it could just wait til Friday, that would be even better!
I love that the Lord chose JOY for my 2013 word. May I continue to look for JOY in my life! How about you? Have you experienced any JOY this week??

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Worship Wednesday

Just wanting to give the LORD some PRAISE today!

Having a tough week?

Praise the Lord! 

Having a great week?

Praise the Lord!!

Our Heavenly Father knows exactly what you are in need of today! Focus on Him and His love for a couple minutes!

Hang on to His Promises!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 Siesta Scripture Memory Team: Verse 2!

Whoaaaa! Can you believe it is January 15th??!! Every year I am even more amazed at how quickly time goes by. My grandmother used to say, "Don't wish your life away, because as when you get my age, a year goes by like a day." At the young age of 15, waiting impatiently to turn 16 so I could get my license, I thought she doesn't understand, some days felt like weeks! 
A few years ago, I finally understood. The days go by so quickly, my children are growing up too fast, yesterday they were just toddling around. Time does fly when you are having fun, and even when you aren't, huh??!! 

Sorry.... I am in a rambling way today! I can't believe it is time to sign in with my next scripture. I haven't quite mastered my first one. I know I better get on it or I will have 10 to master! 

2013 Siesta Scripture Memory Team: Verse 2!

This verse was one that the Lord put before me as I began searching scriptures to help me encourage others. Instead, I realized that it was for me. Many people make resolutions, I want to make changes that glorify Him. Changes that will benefit my family, my friends, my walk with the Lord and my faith. It is hard to always do what is right. No one else seems to concerned with doing right, why should I? Because, its IN HIS WORD. A command, that He now has placed before me. I am accountable for it. James 4:17 tells me "Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin." Hmmmm, not easy to swallow, but necessary. So, as I continue this road, day by day, I need your prayers so that I will not grow weary, and not give up. Easier said than done, I know!

OH, LET'S GIVE THE LORD SOME PRAISE!!!!!!! Savannah had a PET scan yesterday and THERE IS NO CANCER!! Praise the Lord for His Healing!!! She still has some treatment ahead of her, but THANK YOU LORD for touching Savannah's cancer, her family and our community!! May YOU continue to get the GLORY in this situation!

Monday, January 14, 2013

"JOY"ful Sightings!

Going into Friday, I knew that our weekend was going to be busy, and I don't usually handle them well. I am one that needs a little downtime or I get extremely somewhat cranky. So in keeping with  "joy" I chose to look for "joy" throughout the weekend.  First I needed to know exactly what I was looking for-
According to 
JOY -  
1.the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation:
2.a source or cause of keen pleasure or delight; something or someone greatly valued or appreciated: 
3.the expression or display of glad feeling; festive gaiety.
4.a state of happiness or felicity.
verb (used without object) feel joy; be glad; rejoice.

With the numerous definitions, surely I would have some "joy" sightings over the weekend. I chose to look for those moments and take time to focus on "joy" in my weekend.
  • Finally Friday! My first full work week since the holidays is almost over. Getting back into a routine this week, has proved to be a little difficult. Praise the Lord!! Some prayers and encouragement from some special people helped me through! I made it! 
  • Sis & I at a Zumbathon for Miss Savannah (please pray for her today PET scan to see how her cancer is responding to treatment.) Love our time together... but, we were wore OUT! Two hours of Zumba on a Friday night! What was I thinking???
  • Taking a shower and getting into my bed. After the week I had, plus the that's JOY :)
  • A Girl's Day out with my Mom and Sis. Shopping, lunch, and then more shopping. My mom can shop!! Lots of laughs and silliness. One quick story, my mother was on the hunt for a new pair of tennis shoes and as she was trying on the 13th or 14th pair (uh, no joke!) Sis sat down on what was like a loveseat chair, and this elderly gentleman, comes over and says, "move over". (You should have seen the look on her face - bahhaa!!!! ) "Do you have the cards? I thought we could play Bridge." My mom and I tried so hard not to laugh. Now Sis is unlike me. She didn't know what to say. I can talk to anyone, so I started a conversation. Those of you that know me are surprised, huh? Anyway, it was a joy to talk with him. He was waiting on his wife to finish looking at every pair of earrings in the jewelry department. He said and she would leave without a pair after all that looking. So cute! Just so you will know we were the farthest chair away from the jewelry department. Sis must have looked lonely. HA!! Oh, I know I am not a fashion-ista, or a budding makeup artist, but this one sales lady, she was a fright,sight. I don't even know how to explain it, all I know is she shouldn't be selling cosmetics. Sis & I were so stunned, we couldn't stop staring!!! And Mom could barely keep a straight face. I know I shouldn't make fun of others, but you would have been stunned too, and a couple of you that I KNOW, would have laughed out loud!     
  • Watching Bub play basketball! He is so serious....even when they are leading by more than 25 points. 
  • Watching B coach those boys young men. They have been playing together since they were little. He is so good with them. What am I talking about, he thinks he is one of them. :)
  • Seeing Savannah and her family have fun and laugh, during her brother's surprise 16th birthday party. (I cannot believe he is 16!! He and Bub have been friends since they were 5!!! )
  • Getting a text Sunday morning about "worshiping the Lord with my family" and "resting in the shadow of the almighty". Sweet friend that points me to the Lord! I love it!
  • A lesson on TRUTH in Sunday School. Learning the truth about a couple of our teachers!! pure joy!! (even more so the fact that I wasn't sitting in the "hot" seat!)
  • B and I, along with Kea spent time with two sweet children during church service. What a joy it was!!! And to see Kea being so kind, loving and helpful during our time together. It is pure joy to serve others! What a blessing the Lord gave us!!! Thank you Lord!!
  • Lunch at my parent's  - LASAGNA!! Yummmmmm! Watching Kea play at the complex playground. Spending time their is priceless. 
  • A message on Discouragement. Putting it in God's hands isn't always easy, but its necessary. I must, in order to have real joy. 
Wow... I had more "joy" sightings than I thought possible! What a difference a positive attitude makes?! Reminds me of the song Kea sang in the Christmas play... "I try to look for good in all I see"
Finding joy is possible when you are on the lookout!

So what if my house is a wreck,  my laundry is piled high??
 I found JOY!!!

What can turn your frown upside down??

Have a great week! Keep Looking UP!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Who Said It Would Be Easy?

Do your children listen the first time you ask them to do something or stop doing something? If so, you can stop reading because this probably won't be for you, you have it made and I am jealous happy for you :).  It depends on which child and what the situation is, as to how quickly mine obey. 

This week, God has been showing me some things, and they "ain't too pretty". What is really sad, is that He has been trying to get my attention for a while. And, obviously, I haven't listened. 


But, this week, He has used something so different, and unusual in my life to open my eyes to some things that "I" need to do. 

So, I am no different than my children. Guess they deserve a little mercy, huh? See, I didn't listen the first time, or the countless other times that the Lord spoke to me, or in the different ways He has tried to get my attention. What He is showing me, convicting me of is NOT an easy road. And I am very aware that God doesn't call me to do easy. Nothing worth doing for the Lord never is.  I am so very thankful that HE never gives up on me, and that His mercies are NEW EVERY morning.

Thank you Lord, for your MERCY!! 

I cannot do this alone.... Lord, I need you now! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

JOY!: Making a Choice

On Sunday, I was somewhat dreading Monday morning. The boys were starting back to school, and Sis was starting another semester of college. It doesn't take me very long to become spoiled, not having to get up earlier each morning to get them all up and off to school. I am NOT a morning person, and it takes me about 15-30 seconds to become agitated when I wake up, and then in my agitation, I get the opportunity to wake up the kids....(well ok, B - THE ULTIMATE IN MORNING PERSONs - helps some mornings) and I am not sure where they get their less than desirable morning attitudes, (uh hmm) but it is not my favorite thing to do. Lovin' and cuddling on them, well lets say, it doesn't work. On top of that, when school is back in session, so is basketball, baseball, band, etc. I will just admit, I was not looking forward to the return of our schedules. I loved the lazy days of our time off, and the kids did too. (well except for the fact that Bub & Sis had their wisdom teeth removed the day AFTER Christmas - how's that for a Merry Christmas??!! HA!)

As usual, all good things come to an end, and we have to return to the daily life as we know it. 

BUT...I want to give the LORD some PRAISE!!! God is working in some areas of my life and I am seeking JOY in my every day walk. Knowing Monday morning was going to be harder than usual, I made a plan to get up early, I prayed and made a choice to get out of the bed with a better attitude than normal. I made chocolate chip pancakes and woke the kids, (without having to return to the teenage boy 10 times!! or raising my voice! YAY!!) the morning was peaceful, we got out of the door early. It was so the opposite of what I was soooo dreading!! I actually found some JOY that morning. 

Now, yesterday, was not so great, Kea woke up in a very fowl mood. (still not sure who he gets that from??) But, again I made a choice to look for JOY. I didn't find any with him until I begin to sing, "I've got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart, down in my heart, down in my heart to stay. And I'm so happy, so very happy".... at first I saw horns, but by the time I got to" happy", he broke out into his sweet little grin and laughed at me. That turned his frown upside down!

This morning was ok. I found JOY in ok. OK is a calm morning, no grumpiness, harsh words, picking around, and getting out the door on time. I will take OK everyday!

Now every morning, may not be JOYful, and I may forget to chose for my morning to be different, (Fridays are the worst!) And I may not feel at all like I have joy in my heart, but I need to remember, that my JOY comes from the Lord and I need to show it, even when I don't feel like it. Just a few days of me being different, has shown me that if I make an intentional choice for our mornings to be calmer, maybe it was the Mom that is SO NOT A MORNING PERSON.  For now, I will continue to look for JOY and pray that God will do a work in me! 

Go ahead and click on the song below... I know you have been singing it in your head anyway!!

Have a JOYfilled day!

Monday, January 7, 2013

JOY: Bear Others Burdens

I am intentionally praying that God will not only instill JOY  in my life, but that I will be able to share JOY with others. But, as the first week of 2013 unfolded, He showed me that I cannot have JOY until I put Him first. And others next. 

Today, I am sharing what He gave me over the weekend. I get so wrapped up in  my world, that I fail to see the needs, wants, hurts, etc of others. I want to be different and change that. This weekend some things have happened and I asked the Lord what could I do to help. He gave me this 
So I began to think of ways that I could do that. Sure, I can pray, but I wanted something that would mean just a little more. And, wouldn't you know Deidre's Sunday school lesson was on encouraging others through the written word. Not, just an email, not just a text, not just a post on a Faceb*ok wall, those are great and come a the right time. But, an actual card or letter. Hmm, I love when I get a card, and I used to do that.... now its time to get back at it!

I realized that not only could I bear my friends burdens by sending a card, but also those that aren't my friends, or those that I may have difficulties that is a stretch for me. Just let me say, the person that came to my mind. I REALLY didn't want to send HER a card. (Have you ever been "done" with someone?...well, I have been with her - not good, I know, and I am very thankful that God is never "done" with me!) So I was sort of asking/seeking out a different person. Wouldn't you know it. God placed her right in my path right after that Sunday School lesson. OK I get it. I know I must start with her. I don't want to miss the opportunities He places before me. 

Anyway, after going to bed last night, I knew what I had to post today. Not only am I going to pray the following requests, I am asking anyone that happens upon this post to pray as well. The power of prayer is what is going to give peace, strength, comfort, and healing when they need it the most. 

Please pray for 
~ a precious sister in Christ, her brother committed suicide Friday night. She desires prayers for her family during this tragic time.

~some sweet friends lost their cousin to illness last night, this has been a hard situation and the past year has taken a toll on this family. Please lift this entire family up as they have had tough situations in their family; cancer, another cousin was murdered the end of last year, sickness, surgeries and other health problems.

~please remember 13 year old Savannah and her family as she battles lymphoma 

 ~ please continue to remember my brother and his family as they are in Language school in Costa Rica, visit The Venezuelan Voice for the latest updates.

~our precious friends, Chad & Leslie, they are foster parents and back in October, two precious children were placed in their home. These are the first foster children ever placed in their home. The past couple of months have been a huge adjustment for them and their son. Please remember them as they love and encourage these children the Lord has brought into their lives.

~and for the person above that I have difficulties with and that situation

I know many others around me have burdens as well, but these are the ones that the Lord is having me share today. Thank you for praying!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Siesta Scripture Memory Team: Verse 1!

2013 Siesta Scripture Memory Team: Verse 1!

This is the scripture I mentioned in my One Word post that stuck out like a neon sign. I had been praying about my word for 2013 and as I was trying to stay focused on the real reason for Christmas, At first I thought my word was going to be purpose, because it came up numerous times in a couple weeks and it got me to praying and seeking my purpose in some areas of my life. Then one night during our Children's Christmas play practice, a song (that I had heard no less than 100 times!!) in a child's voice that is so powerful, I just know the angels stopped to listen, gave me God bumps all over, placed the word hope on my heart. For days, I was singing that song when I woke up, when I was still, when I went to bed.... it put my perspective on the HOPE that was born to a lost and dying world that first Christmas night. I wrote about that here and here. So I began to think that maybe that was my word. But, I wanted the Lord to write my word on my heart so I decided to be still.

I am a huge Pinter*st addict follower, and I had been looking and looking at all the Christmas decor. Well, to be honest I am not the crafty one. Except in my mind. I have completed some projects. Of course none that I would post on my blog. Mine never turn out quite like the picture. Anyway, I saw this really awesome JOY sign and I thought, hmmm maybe??? I have been checking out a lot of re-purposed ideas as well. So, I had this great, wishful idea that I could find an old cabinet door and make my own JOY sign. Well, I have yet to find any cabinet doors, but God did lead me to find a piece of wood, I am thinking it was from an old desk or something at the local Habitat ReStore and it was only $3. A good deal considering, I didn't have a clue as to what I was about to do.

I actually finished the sign, not exactly as I had seen, but I liked it and that's all that really matters, right??  And sorry, this is the only picture I have of it. 

Thinking back now, I realize that God was giving me this word since the first day I saw the sign on Pinter*st. I was determined to make this sign, I painted those letters 4 times, the sign was by the steps and I saw it every time I went in the house. Christmas night I was a bit agitated over some events of that day and the fact that I had a task to do that I did not want to do. (I know you don't grumble at Christmas).... but I skip all the reasons. I was standing outside and looked over at the sign and this came to my mind -




I will tell you I didn't want to hear that at that moment. I was thinking and I may or may not have said it out loud. "Lord, I have been trying my best to put you first this Christmas, and the others, well I have put others first, but I am about done with that....I need You to take care of this situation  (go ahead, I know you are judging me right now) And quickly, He put me in my place. I know how terrible all that sounds, and my heart was definitely not full of joy at that moment.

The next few days every where I went, the word JOY came up, in a message, in a Sunday school lesson, it caught my eye everytime I walked in the door, on Christmas decorations, it was EVERYWHERE....yet I was still asking the Lord to comfirm my word was it Hope or Joy. (See, I am slow like that). I had read a devotion and Romans 15:13 was the verse..... at first I thought, oh there is hope again, and when I got to JOY it was BIG AND BOLD like a neon sign. Immediately, I knew God had been telling me JOY all along.

He had already shown me that JOY was something I needed to work on (on Christmas night). I want to be able to put Jesus first, others second and then myself. I am working on ways to do just that. I am even working on my children to be encouraging to one another. (A huge battle some days!) I know it all has to start with me. I must focus on HIM first and then think of others.

I am ready to start this year of JOY. I may not always like the lessons, but I know it will be worth it!
I want the God of hope to fill me with  all JOY! (did you read the all part??, think about it!)

Do you have a word for 2013? Do you have scripture to go with your word? If not, find one that fits with your word. For me it brings the word JOY alive and gives me much to think about and pray about.

I want to consider all joy!!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One Word 2013

HAPPY 2013!!!
A new year rolls around everyone talks about resolutions and some people do a great job keeping them. I on the otherhand have rarely kept the new year's resolution in check. I am pretty sure that I suffer from Adult ADD. My focus can be distracted in a minute! For a couple years I found myself blog stalking  hopping and saw that several people were participating in One Word. Well, not knowing exactly what that was I didn't jump on a bandwagon. I began seeking what that meant. Many of the blogs I read and hopped from place to place were full of devotions, digging into God's Word and sharing struggles that God was helping them through. I found that many of those doing the One Word thing was not on a bandwagon, or part of a latest fad of sorts. But, what I saw was women, just like me desiring to follow the Lord, dig into His word, and allowing Him to lead and teach them what He wanted them to get from that word He place on their hearts. Seeing how many women grew from this One Word I was encouraged time and time again. I began to pray that God would place a word in my heart, if it was something He wanted me to do. 2012 One Word was the first for me. I can say even though I haven't mastered the whole CONTENT thing. I learned so much throughout the year and I find myself working towards what God wants. I can hardly believe that 2012 is just hours from being over and 2013 beginning.
The past couple months I have been praying about my word for 2013 and God placed two words in my path over and over. I thought, well, maybe I can start Two Words, lol?? When I begin to really pray and seek the word for 2013, God place it on my mind, my heart, in my vision, in scripture, in my hands, even in a Sunday School lesson and in a sermon. I am pretty slow sometimes in what God wants me to hear. I seem to question far more than I should. There it was clear as day...or actually it was night when I read the scripture that stuck out like a neon sign. What is so God about it...I was searching scripture for my first SSMT 2013 verse. Something I participated in and completed in 2011!! What a desire it placed in my heart for God's word! Are you joining in ??

What a simple three letter word. One that was seen over and over during the Christmas season. One that I actually put on a sign I made for outside. (A project I found on Pinter*st that actually turned out ok- sorry not a great picture but the only one I have)

I have something to share later on about this very sign. Thinking back to Christmas night. I should have known this was to be my word. Like I said, I am slow sometimes.
Once I realized this was definitely my word, I find it to be the perfect follow up to CONTENT. I am excited to see what God has to show me. I can think of lots of things about this word. But, I am going to just be still and allow Him to show me what JOY is, what JOY looks like, how I can be full of JOY, share JOY and bind satan from stealing my JOY.

As you can see I haven't made any resolutions. Just a couple ways that I am being intentional about God's word and my relationship with Him. Do you want to grow closer to Him in 2013? These are just two ways that I am looking forward to learning and growing closer to Him. Ways that I can stay focused on Him. How about you? Are you doing anything differently in 2013 to put your focus on our Savior? Its not too late. The Lord's mercies are new every morning.... I love that about HIM!!

Want to begin your own One Word? Melanie at Only A Breath (a lovely blog by the way!)can help you out with your own one word button for free!! (She is such a blessing for sharing her design talent!!)

Would you like to hide God's word in your heart?? Memorizing scripture has always been tough for me. But this is a way that I have been able to and God gives me what I need just when I need it!! Join in the SSMT at LPM blog to join hundreds of women doing it together!! Sign in today!!!

Let me know if you are participating in One Word or SSMT so that I can pray for you! And so you can help keep me accountable. I SOO need that!!

I ask your prayers for me & my family as we begin another year! May God pour His blessings on you and your family!!