Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One Word 2013

HAPPY 2013!!!
A new year rolls around everyone talks about resolutions and some people do a great job keeping them. I on the otherhand have rarely kept the new year's resolution in check. I am pretty sure that I suffer from Adult ADD. My focus can be distracted in a minute! For a couple years I found myself blog stalking  hopping and saw that several people were participating in One Word. Well, not knowing exactly what that was I didn't jump on a bandwagon. I began seeking what that meant. Many of the blogs I read and hopped from place to place were full of devotions, digging into God's Word and sharing struggles that God was helping them through. I found that many of those doing the One Word thing was not on a bandwagon, or part of a latest fad of sorts. But, what I saw was women, just like me desiring to follow the Lord, dig into His word, and allowing Him to lead and teach them what He wanted them to get from that word He place on their hearts. Seeing how many women grew from this One Word I was encouraged time and time again. I began to pray that God would place a word in my heart, if it was something He wanted me to do. 2012 One Word was the first for me. I can say even though I haven't mastered the whole CONTENT thing. I learned so much throughout the year and I find myself working towards what God wants. I can hardly believe that 2012 is just hours from being over and 2013 beginning.
The past couple months I have been praying about my word for 2013 and God placed two words in my path over and over. I thought, well, maybe I can start Two Words, lol?? When I begin to really pray and seek the word for 2013, God place it on my mind, my heart, in my vision, in scripture, in my hands, even in a Sunday School lesson and in a sermon. I am pretty slow sometimes in what God wants me to hear. I seem to question far more than I should. There it was clear as day...or actually it was night when I read the scripture that stuck out like a neon sign. What is so God about it...I was searching scripture for my first SSMT 2013 verse. Something I participated in and completed in 2011!! What a desire it placed in my heart for God's word! Are you joining in ??

What a simple three letter word. One that was seen over and over during the Christmas season. One that I actually put on a sign I made for outside. (A project I found on Pinter*st that actually turned out ok- sorry not a great picture but the only one I have)

I have something to share later on about this very sign. Thinking back to Christmas night. I should have known this was to be my word. Like I said, I am slow sometimes.
Once I realized this was definitely my word, I find it to be the perfect follow up to CONTENT. I am excited to see what God has to show me. I can think of lots of things about this word. But, I am going to just be still and allow Him to show me what JOY is, what JOY looks like, how I can be full of JOY, share JOY and bind satan from stealing my JOY.

As you can see I haven't made any resolutions. Just a couple ways that I am being intentional about God's word and my relationship with Him. Do you want to grow closer to Him in 2013? These are just two ways that I am looking forward to learning and growing closer to Him. Ways that I can stay focused on Him. How about you? Are you doing anything differently in 2013 to put your focus on our Savior? Its not too late. The Lord's mercies are new every morning.... I love that about HIM!!

Want to begin your own One Word? Melanie at Only A Breath (a lovely blog by the way!)can help you out with your own one word button for free!! (She is such a blessing for sharing her design talent!!)

Would you like to hide God's word in your heart?? Memorizing scripture has always been tough for me. But this is a way that I have been able to and God gives me what I need just when I need it!! Join in the SSMT at LPM blog to join hundreds of women doing it together!! Sign in today!!!

Let me know if you are participating in One Word or SSMT so that I can pray for you! And so you can help keep me accountable. I SOO need that!!

I ask your prayers for me & my family as we begin another year! May God pour His blessings on you and your family!!


kelliwoodford said...

Yes to joy.
A beautiful word, friend, as it captures "content" in it, too, I think.
Blessings on your New Year!

Courtney said...

Joy was my word last year. Great lesson, for sure, and took almost the whole year, delightfully so.

Lauren said...

Joy was my word last year as well... it was a really difficult one for me, but I love the word & all that it encompasses. Wishing you the best as you seek out more JOY in 2013!!


LadyD Piano said...

Wishing you JOY this new year. I love your outdoor sign in red and I so much enjoyed reading about how you chose the joy button. I'm a new follower. So nice to meet you, Piper!

Sara said...

Had to stop by your blog and comment, because my word is "JOY" too! I 'll be following your Joyful year!

Ibukun said...

Hello sweet new friend!
It's amazing how we read just about the same blogs! I would have joined in on the SSMT thing but I'm thinking it's already too late for me to do that :( Although Deidre isn't a real life friend of mine(considering the fact that I live on the other side of the world lol!) but I have been following her blog for a LENGTH of time and I believe she is raising the sweetest girls. I would love to meet all your beautiful women that I get to share life with online someday! We'll bond properly over cups of freshly made lattes at the Marriage Supper of The Lamb. That's for sure. Thank you for the blog design reccomendation!X

Anonymous said...

I wandered over from Melanie's blog because my word is "enjoy" and yours is so similar. I look forward to the stories we'll both have this year. :)