Monday, December 31, 2012

Catching Up!

I am afraid this post may be long.....I have missed posting several things in the past couple months. When I decided to start this blog, I wanted to sort of use it as family scrapbook as well as who know the other reasons  I post??? A few months ago, through No Other Gods Bible Study, God showed me that my computer time took up wayyyy to much of my time. I had become obsessed, addicted, really into blog hopping, DIY blogs, Christian blogs, friends blogs, Pinter*st, Facebo*k.... all of which can be good things, but I was spending WAY too much time online visiting site after site. Sometimes I found myself comparing my blog, my family, my non-craftiness, my less than decorated home, to those I was visiting. So God showed me that I needed to reduce my time and my new found "habit" to focus on Him and more important things like my family!!!

So now I am still working on the time management thing, and hopefully I will learn to manage my time well enough to post more frequently. Hopefully the rest of this post won't  bore you.......I will attempt to K.I.S.S. (keep it simple sister!! lol!!) something else I am working on that was pointed out in the above Bible study.

Welcome to HEE HAW YALL!!!
This was so funny!! I have a video of my hubby as Archie doing his rendition of Rindercella. If I can ever get it to upload I will share! My video is to big a file for blogger so it will have to wait til I can resize it.

Sis and a sweet little girl that I ask you to lift up in prayer. Her Daddy went to be with the Lord this year.
 Please pray for her family too.

Kea & Dad aka Archie!
Sweet sweet couple that we appreciate so much!!!

Just looking at this picture makes me crackup! Do you remember the Calhoons??
Kea won an essay contest at school. He was so excited! For those of you that don't know, he has said he wants to be an Author/Illustrator since he was 5 years old. Have at it little boy! You can do it! This was a great beginning! Of course I am biased! I am THAT Mom!!
Of course along with the start of a new school year MARCHING BAND comes too! It was a great Marching season. I love watching Bub do what he loves!! I don't think he likes it too much when I call him my "little drummer boy".... but that's too bad for him. 'Cause I am da Momma!! 


"Mom, enough pictures." (too bad- I da Momma!! )

Academic Excellence!! So proud of Bub! He received a Blue Card (3.5 GPA or better) for his freshman year. A great start for last year! This year started off well, but of course classes are tougher. Please pray for him as he battles through some of these classes!

My handsome boy....young man that is growing right before my eyes.

Roman Gabriel III  I was very impressed by his challenge to these High School students. I pray Bub was listening!
 Kea also had his Academic Awards and as usual he got several awards and of course one was in Reading!!

Keep up the good work Kea!!
It's now Christmas Parade time!!

Baby C ... he is not much of a baby anymore. (tear, sniff sniff)

OH MY GOSH!!! This is the day we got a SPECIAL CHRISTMAS SURPRISE!!!
Baby C is going to a have a baby brother or sister!!! AWWW!!! (maybe we can add another girl to our family...I will love another boy, but us girls are out numbered!! Our youngest girl is almost 20!!! Pink & ruffles are rare around here!)

Go BUB!!!

I know that I have missed some things along the way...... but in my keeping it simple I haven't taken as many pictures... although Sis has some on her phone. Maybe I will get them on here at some time. I am praying in the upcoming year I am able to find balance and a way to post more often. I just know that this blog is not way up on my list of priorities.
May you have a blessed New Year!




Sherry Reese said...

Yay, congratulations on the new baby in the family! That is wonderful. And I know what you mean about girls...I am seriously outnumbered here! :-) Hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year!

Elaine said...

Awe, congratulations on the new baby! So exciting!!!