Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Beach Trip 2013

Once again almost a month has passed since I posted. Where in the world does time go?? I had hoped to get back on and had hoped to catch up. Oh well, better late than never. I could skip and just start with now, bus I will not do that considering I am using this blog as a lazy girl's family scrapbook :)!
 Last entry caught us up through June.... 

Our family headed out for the Beach for July 4th week.... as many of you know that week is the main vacation week for most of the working world. Especially for many, many, many, people in our area. B works in furniture and it happens to be the week his plant closes, leaving it to be the week we go on vacation. This year we did a new thing. Now.... for those of  you that really know me, you were concerned (as I was) about this trip. We were going to be camping (yes, in a camper) with M & Am & Baby C with our 5. So, this was not our normal. But, we thought we could try it once. 

I will admit it was NOT bad. It could have been much worse. It could have rained all 7 days instead of 5. Yes, it rained everyday, but we did have some periods of sun and no rain, and some sun with rain. 
Despite all the storms, and all the liquid sunshine, this ole' girl made it all week without losing her mind. We did have a great time with our family, learned to compromise, put others first, some patience and ate really well!!  You will see that Am who is 8 months pregnant even survived the week!! Oh, and Kea who has always freaked over storms, was covered in God's grace!! He did not freak out on us once! (I have to admit....I was freaked out during MANY of those storms!!) And now it seems as if God has taken that terrible fear from him! GOD is good!!

Head outta the sand!


One of the many times spent under the tent while raining!!

See the clouds in the beyond the hotel??

Bub & Baby C cover Kea!
 One of the rainy days we headed to the upside down place - Wonder*orks..... let me note this place is an absolute NIGHTMARE....... fun for kids maybe? But for a parent that has a problem with CROWDS and rude people allowing their children to be rude.... this was a total waste of $$$. You could not do anything without someone pushing, shoving, or passing you in line. I know we should have know better than go here during the week of the 4th, while it was raining. EVERYONE WAS THERE!! And there brothers, too! When your 3 year old grandson say, "Lolli, I ready to get outta dis place" You know its time to go!! I can't remember who said this, but it is VERY true. It was like the Science Center on Steroids!!

Baby C is still stressed over his experience at Wonder*orks

Another afternoon in the camper, out of the rain. And yes, B is in a hoodie. He swore Am was trying to hang meat! :)

Here comes the sun!!

Uncle Kea reading to Baby C

This picture cracks  me up. Am is in the white hat, and they dug a hole for her belly (Baby M) so she could get some sun on her back!!

At least one gorgeous day on the beach!

The calm before the storm one afternoon.

Loves playing in the sand.

He wore his Daddy out, in the water, out of the water!

Bub! :)

Daddy & Sis

One of many wave rides

Running from the waves - funny!

A great place to rest

A frequent stop while riding golf carts

Baby C loves Sandy, we had to visit him often!

Yes, we had a good time! And anytime I am with my family, I will cherish it. Even in the wet, the soppy, the storms, the rains, the craziness, the sunshine and the sand. Time is fleeting, and my children are growing, and I need to be thankful for these times in my life!! What JOY my family brings to my life! So blessed!