Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Worship Wednesday : I'd Need A Savior

Our family has been involved in our church's Easter Drama for 15 years. It is challenging with all the practices and juggling everything else in our lives. But, it is a blessing to be able to be a part of the life, death and resurrection of our Lord!!

I am doing my best to focus on HIM and to pray for everyone involved in it, as well as those that will be coming. May God be  glorified and may the lost come to know the ONE that died for them. 

So thankful that the Lord sent HIM! He knew I'd Need a Savior! Worship with me today!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Flashback!!

Yayy!! It's FRIDAY, and the SUN is shining!! And its supposed to be 64 today and in the 70s tomorrow!!! Thank you Lord!! Spring is coming slowly but surely!! Whoo Hoo!! Bub has a game today, and PRAISE the LORD I won't be sitting there bundled up with coats, blankets, gloves, etc! I am considering investing in a snowsuit to wear for the first month or so of baseball season! I didn't get a picture (because my hands were to cold) but Mr B, put his ski pants on in the 2nd inning!! He said, "Go ahead, laugh, but my legs are going to be warm." :) I love that silly man!! 

This picture cracks me up!! I know it probably doesn't do anything for you......... This is the PillagePeople, they were in our camp talent show last year ( I know, its not much of a flashback), and it just cracks me up whenever I think about it. They danced to the ChaCha Slide. If I can ever figure out how to put a video of it on here I will.  They were awesome.... AND THEY WON!!! 

I won't tell who they are .....but those that read my blog can reveal themselves in the comments!! 
Aww Me & my baby girl! She was 14 (I think?) in this pic! Where has time gone??
And its been 2 years since the pretty lady on the left got married! Happy Anniversary KTB!!

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Worship Wednesday: HE IS SOVEREIGN!

Have you ever waited patiently on the Lord?

Has He heard your cry?

Have you ever been in the mud and the mire?

Has He ever set your feet on a rock and gave you a firm place to stand?

Has He put a new song in your mouth?

I can answer yes to all the above.

I can also say that it has happened more than once.

I can say that I am not in a pit right now, but I will be honest and tell you that there are days that feel as if I am slipping.....

BUT NOT TODAY!! These words reminded me of where I have been on several occasions and that GOD never left me in that pit! Even though I am the one that is responsible for getting there in the first place, I PRAISE HIM that He didn't leave me there. When I had nowhere to look but to HIM, HE WAS THERE! And Praise HIM that HE IS CONSTANT!

So, if you are feeling as if you are in a pit, or you are slipping every so slowly, LOOK UP!! HE IS THERE! Be reminded today that HE loves you more that you know! He is CONSTANT! He will not forsake you, not for a moment!

Focus on HIM today instead of your circumstances, worship HIM....HE IS SOVEREIGN!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

2013 Siesta Scripture Memory Team: Verse 5!

Situations of life can overwhelm me.

God placed a challenge in my life that began two months ago today. I will not lie. It has been HARD. God also placed two other people in this same challenge and if they don't agree with that they would be fibbing a bit. :)

I will also tell you that I have come a long way since I was asked to pray about this challenge. In the beginning, it was supposed to be 30 days. Well, we are now at day 59. Now we are not slow learners. Well, they aren't, but I can be.

With this challenge, came a huge impact in our lives. This challenge affected much more than us three women seeking change in our lives. Keeping each other accountable in our walk, in my case the trip, stumble, fall, get back up and start over times have been HUGE.  Our husbands, our children, our families, our friendships have all been affected by the changes, the good and bad days, and the up and downs of obedience.

In the past two months a lot of scripture, tears, heartaches, and victories have been shared. Our friendships have taken on a new meaning. I know that I can call on them at any moment, and that I can trust them in ways I didn't  know was possible. Some things that God has shown me through His Word and the struggles I have faced are things that I "know", yet my flesh just has a hard time accepting and doing. Yet, this scripture reminds me that I must obey God's word. 

"Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth 
it not, to him it is sin." James 4:17 

So, I can say, that part of me is doing what I should, but my heart is not always in it. Sometimes my heart is full of attitude, aggravation, and at times angry. And that my friends, is sin too. 

So not only is this my SSMT Verse, but it is my prayer as I continue to allow the Lord to work in my  life, my heart, my spirit, my family and my total dependence on HIM!

Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10

Friday, March 1, 2013

JOY! Good Morning Friday!

Don't know about you but, I am ready for the weekend. This week has seemed to drag on. Although, time does fly by too quickly, I am ready for this week to be  over.  This week we have had more rain, and more cold. It just makes me feel blah! I know some of you may think I am a whiner, because 43 degrees isn't the slightest bit cold to some of you. And I know that all this whining doesn't sound like JOY! But, I am ready for some SUNSHINE and some warm Spring days. And the fact that BASEBALL SEASON is in full swing for this awesome teenager......

 cold + baseball game = big coats, gloves, blankets. Which equals too cold for baseball!!! Today's forecast is mostly cloudy and the high is 48. By the time the game is over it will be dark and colder. Brrr!! Go ahead, call me a whiner....cause I am! HA!! 

 Thinking about Bub and baseball. This time last year he had broken his thumb during the first game. And was out for about half the season. While it was tough on him, it was a great learning experience for him. 

"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but its the Lord's purpose that prevails". Proverbs 19:21

He clung to that verse, and even today, he knows that God has a purpose and a plan for his life. Makes my heart smile to know that he has God's word in his heart. I look at this man child and wonder what happened to the funny, rough and tumble little boy that was our families entertainment?? Now, he is a sophomore in high school and days are fleeting. He will be 16 next month!! YIKES!! Two years from now he will be three months from graduating. :(  I am tearing up just thinking about it!!
He was 8 or 9 in this picture.

Freshman Year
Thank you Lord for your many blessings! Thank you for the rain, I know we need it, but I could really do without the mud, lol! Thank you for the opportunity to raise this man child that sometimes wears me out. But, he is a great reminder of how I must wear you out as well. Thank you for the JOY you have given me in the gifts of my children. Give me grace and mercy that I may extend to my children as they grow up. Keep your hand of protection on my children. May they cling to your word, and may they desire to focus on you and the plans you have for them. Help me to clothe myself with kindness, compassion, humility, gentleness and patience!
In Jesus Precious Name.