Thursday, July 25, 2013

Still Here....

Yes, for any of you that may still be following my blog. I am still here. I did not mean to stay away for so long. Again, I will tell you that life just happens and one day it is May and the next its the end of JULY!!
Scenes from Kea's Field Day

We have had a full summer. Work, rain, work, rain, karate, mow the grass, rain, karate, laundry, bush hog the yard, work, rain... haa!!! well you get the idea any way! 

Besides lots of rain this summer we have been busy, but not as busy as summer's past. Bub decided not to play Legion baseball this year, which meant that baseball was over in May. We ACTUALLY had a break. For those of you that don't know....Legion ball is about 30 games in about 6 weeks. With all the rain that we had, I am very thankful for a baseball free summer. It is the first time in well, I guess 10 years!! Yes, 10 years! I love watching him play ball, but it was a nice break.

VBS started the day my boys got out of school. It came and went like a whirlwind, and I have no pictures. But I do have this video of our pastors.... they are such GREAT SPORTS!! ( may need to run to the bathroom :D ) Oh...sorry, I could not hold the camera still for laughing!!

I usually take lots of pix on Family Night, but this year, we had a special event to attend that night, 
SIS got her CNA Certification!! She was in class every Tuesday & Thursday since November. And that night was her final night and they honored each of those ladies at the end of class. This is a big deal because she was accepted into a Nursing Program for the Fall, and having her CNA Certification is a requirement of the program (which by the way, she took her state test two weeks ago and she is now CERTIFIED!!)) So now she is ready for the next step to becoming a Nurse!!
Getting a big ole hug from her Instructor (a dear friend of mine from high school


Way to go LADIES!!!

It is so cool how the Lord placed Sis in her class - I haven't seen her in YEARS!!

Next up was Youth Camp - AWESOME AWESOME!!!
Worship Time - (our Bub on the drums!! BLESSED!!)
Love how the Lord works and for the opportunity to be a part of these students' lives. Being in Children's Ministry for years, God has blessed us with being able to see them grow not only physically, but spiritually over the years. They are such a blessing, as well as our Youth Pastor and his wife!!  We had lots of time with the Lord, food, (always have food!!) fun, fellowship, tubing, ziplining.... I got pix of some, but not others!

Lesson time

Of course Kea is a "little youth"

Sweet girls

Love this boy!

Praising the King!

Suiting up for ZIPLINE!
Ready... when's my turn?? (no not really - I didn't want a turn)

 My brave Zippy!!! :)
Going home after a quick stop at Fro*urt. YUM!!
 Well, that's all the time I have for now..... hopefully I will finish catching up soon!!

Have a blessed day!