Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Siesta Scripture Memory Team: Verse 1!

2013 Siesta Scripture Memory Team: Verse 1!

This is the scripture I mentioned in my One Word post that stuck out like a neon sign. I had been praying about my word for 2013 and as I was trying to stay focused on the real reason for Christmas, At first I thought my word was going to be purpose, because it came up numerous times in a couple weeks and it got me to praying and seeking my purpose in some areas of my life. Then one night during our Children's Christmas play practice, a song (that I had heard no less than 100 times!!) in a child's voice that is so powerful, I just know the angels stopped to listen, gave me God bumps all over, placed the word hope on my heart. For days, I was singing that song when I woke up, when I was still, when I went to bed.... it put my perspective on the HOPE that was born to a lost and dying world that first Christmas night. I wrote about that here and here. So I began to think that maybe that was my word. But, I wanted the Lord to write my word on my heart so I decided to be still.

I am a huge Pinter*st addict follower, and I had been looking and looking at all the Christmas decor. Well, to be honest I am not the crafty one. Except in my mind. I have completed some projects. Of course none that I would post on my blog. Mine never turn out quite like the picture. Anyway, I saw this really awesome JOY sign and I thought, hmmm maybe??? I have been checking out a lot of re-purposed ideas as well. So, I had this great, wishful idea that I could find an old cabinet door and make my own JOY sign. Well, I have yet to find any cabinet doors, but God did lead me to find a piece of wood, I am thinking it was from an old desk or something at the local Habitat ReStore and it was only $3. A good deal considering, I didn't have a clue as to what I was about to do.

I actually finished the sign, not exactly as I had seen, but I liked it and that's all that really matters, right??  And sorry, this is the only picture I have of it. 

Thinking back now, I realize that God was giving me this word since the first day I saw the sign on Pinter*st. I was determined to make this sign, I painted those letters 4 times, the sign was by the steps and I saw it every time I went in the house. Christmas night I was a bit agitated over some events of that day and the fact that I had a task to do that I did not want to do. (I know you don't grumble at Christmas).... but I skip all the reasons. I was standing outside and looked over at the sign and this came to my mind -




I will tell you I didn't want to hear that at that moment. I was thinking and I may or may not have said it out loud. "Lord, I have been trying my best to put you first this Christmas, and the others, well I have put others first, but I am about done with that....I need You to take care of this situation  (go ahead, I know you are judging me right now) And quickly, He put me in my place. I know how terrible all that sounds, and my heart was definitely not full of joy at that moment.

The next few days every where I went, the word JOY came up, in a message, in a Sunday school lesson, it caught my eye everytime I walked in the door, on Christmas decorations, it was EVERYWHERE....yet I was still asking the Lord to comfirm my word was it Hope or Joy. (See, I am slow like that). I had read a devotion and Romans 15:13 was the verse..... at first I thought, oh there is hope again, and when I got to JOY it was BIG AND BOLD like a neon sign. Immediately, I knew God had been telling me JOY all along.

He had already shown me that JOY was something I needed to work on (on Christmas night). I want to be able to put Jesus first, others second and then myself. I am working on ways to do just that. I am even working on my children to be encouraging to one another. (A huge battle some days!) I know it all has to start with me. I must focus on HIM first and then think of others.

I am ready to start this year of JOY. I may not always like the lessons, but I know it will be worth it!
I want the God of hope to fill me with  all JOY! (did you read the all part??, think about it!)

Do you have a word for 2013? Do you have scripture to go with your word? If not, find one that fits with your word. For me it brings the word JOY alive and gives me much to think about and pray about.

I want to consider all joy!!


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