Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Just a Christmas Play.....


Did I get your attention with the title of this post?

Well, this is what some people may think. Maybe it seems odd to them that I feel differently about a children's Christmas play. Sometimes I even want to shake them (don't judge - just being honest). But, I just keep my ugly thoughts to myself. Because, I understand, that God does not lead everyone to serve Him in the same way.

God uses everything He calls us to do for Him, and sometimes I totally miss the lesson He has for me.

God puts opportunities in our paths daily, maybe its just in the slow checkout line at the grocery store, and maybe its a children's Christmas play that takes two months of practicing.( which means learning the same songs over & over & over, which are still in my head, lol) He has a plan for each of them. Maybe its so that I will slow down and pay attention instead of hurrying along for my benefit. Or maybe its to bless me with being a part of something that requires patience, understanding, and being able to see that His hand is all over. And no matter what, He has everything under control and I just need to trust Him.

Not to mention, the most important thing the HOPE that was born on Christmas. In Christ's birth God provided HOPE. Hope to a lost and dying world.

God poured a blessing out on me through this play.Poor B, he has to put up with me, but he is so encouraging and I thank God, that He called B to children's ministry in the first place. He is such a kid at heart!! I love that man!! All the helpers that God placed to help us blessed me so much. And our children....  I know I am biased, but I mean it when I say... we have the best kids ever!!! They are such a blessing to me! A special  thanks to Deidre for posting the pictures  (I hope you don't mind).... I rarely get pictures of the play!!
My little Stable Boy!! He did such a good job!!  He was really into his part. As well as everyone else's!

Sing it Kea!!!

Pictures of most of the kids.... and E! She gives me goose bumps when she sings!!

This picture  - the donkey...he is cracking me up. And the sweet little maid... seeing her overcome a fear of singing  alone is a true blessing. Not to mention she loved doing the play.
Another sweet little voice!! 

Cutest angels & animals ever!
Our Hotel Manager!
This sweet girl has grown up way too fast.... I changed her diapers. (come to think of it... I have changed a lot of these kids daipers!!)

Sam, the Samaritan was great!!
So proud of all the kids that were in the play. They worked hard and they did their best for Jesus!! So for me it was NOT just a Christmas play.

In the busyness of this season, or in the daily struggles of life, in your heartache or pain, remember

When the mountain seems to high
and the river way to wide
there's a hand that is waiting to lead you to the other side
Never forget there is Hope!


Sherry Reese said...

Children are always a great reminder about that hope! I have similar mixed feelings about children's plays and programs too. I love seeing the children shine as they "do" God's work and bless us all, but as a former children's worker, I remember the frustrations too. I hate remembering almost losing patience during rehearsals when the kids were getting restless and uncooperative. But the end result was such a blessing to everyone. Thanks for sharing the memories! :-)

Deidre said...

The girls and I have laughed at that picture of N standing behind Olivia. Was he disgusted or what? haha I LOVED the play this year. Thanks for all the hard work you put into it. It was such a blessing!