Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pray Without Ceasing

My heart has been heavy for the past couple of weeks. Some friends of ours that we have known for years, have a sweet 13 year old girl that has been diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma. This family knows the Lord is in control and that He is going to take care of her. 

Her name is Savannah, and she has already been such a blessing to me. Some of her facebook posts has read,
"OK...first of all i just want to thank my family for everything. They have stuck with me and stayed beside me! I have been at the doctor a lot lately. They did a CT scan and found a very large lymph node! They viewed it and they think that it is Lymphoma Cancer....:( No matter what I will keep walking the walk with God! They are not for sure though yet if it is cancer. I have a biopsy on Nov. 26. they said there is an 80% chance that it is Lymphoma. Just please if you would keep me and my family in your prayers."

"I have cancer but cancer don't have me....:)"

"Cancer is BIG.....GOD IS BIGGER:)"

Today's post (she begins treatment today) 
"OK. I'm ready for the fight God. I know that you will never put somebody into a situation that they cant handle!!:)! I got two thumbs up......but pray for me that God gives me strength to get through this long period. "In the multitude's. Of my anxieties within me your comfort delights my soul. Psalm 94:19" "

Oh the faith of this precious little girl!! God has a plan in all this. Her mother shared with me that she wished it was her and not Savannah. I think as parents, we all would feel this way. But, she also said this, God will get the glory from this. By using Savannah, He can touch more people through her than He ever could me. Lord, please give her Mom strength and hold her when she is broken.
Savannah loves the Lord, her faith is strong, she is outgoing, sweet, is a great athlete, she has played ball with and against so many girls and God will use this situation in her and her families lives to bring others to Him. He is already at work, she invited friends to a prayer service at her church (and the church was full!!). Our community is pulling together to support their family in so many ways. Their family is very special to us. Her older brother and Bub have been friends since Kindergarten and have played ball together for years. When we met them, I guess Savannah was 2 or 3. She also has two older sisters, two younger brothers and a younger sister.

When friends hurt, you hurt with them. I cannot imagine what they are facing, but God know exactly what they need, far and above anything financially or materially. Please pray for peace, comfort, strength, grace, love and healing for Savannah and her family. And pray for those that do not know the Lord, or live according to His word, may they see their need for our Lord and Savior through Savannah and her family.  

Pray without ceasing....... 



Sherry Reese said...

I will definitely pray for Savannah! Wow, what a true example and inspiration she is using her struggles for God's glory! Love and prayers going out!

Elaine said...

I'm praying with you Piper! She is just starting her journey, and already Christ is using her!

Lauren Mills {mercyINK} said...

Oh wow, Piper. Cannot imagine what they are going through. I worry about my kids getting sick all the time, but we must trust Him. prayers.
& thanks for your kind words on my blog today :)

lauren {{mercyink}}