Monday, January 7, 2013

JOY: Bear Others Burdens

I am intentionally praying that God will not only instill JOY  in my life, but that I will be able to share JOY with others. But, as the first week of 2013 unfolded, He showed me that I cannot have JOY until I put Him first. And others next. 

Today, I am sharing what He gave me over the weekend. I get so wrapped up in  my world, that I fail to see the needs, wants, hurts, etc of others. I want to be different and change that. This weekend some things have happened and I asked the Lord what could I do to help. He gave me this 
So I began to think of ways that I could do that. Sure, I can pray, but I wanted something that would mean just a little more. And, wouldn't you know Deidre's Sunday school lesson was on encouraging others through the written word. Not, just an email, not just a text, not just a post on a Faceb*ok wall, those are great and come a the right time. But, an actual card or letter. Hmm, I love when I get a card, and I used to do that.... now its time to get back at it!

I realized that not only could I bear my friends burdens by sending a card, but also those that aren't my friends, or those that I may have difficulties that is a stretch for me. Just let me say, the person that came to my mind. I REALLY didn't want to send HER a card. (Have you ever been "done" with someone?...well, I have been with her - not good, I know, and I am very thankful that God is never "done" with me!) So I was sort of asking/seeking out a different person. Wouldn't you know it. God placed her right in my path right after that Sunday School lesson. OK I get it. I know I must start with her. I don't want to miss the opportunities He places before me. 

Anyway, after going to bed last night, I knew what I had to post today. Not only am I going to pray the following requests, I am asking anyone that happens upon this post to pray as well. The power of prayer is what is going to give peace, strength, comfort, and healing when they need it the most. 

Please pray for 
~ a precious sister in Christ, her brother committed suicide Friday night. She desires prayers for her family during this tragic time.

~some sweet friends lost their cousin to illness last night, this has been a hard situation and the past year has taken a toll on this family. Please lift this entire family up as they have had tough situations in their family; cancer, another cousin was murdered the end of last year, sickness, surgeries and other health problems.

~please remember 13 year old Savannah and her family as she battles lymphoma 

 ~ please continue to remember my brother and his family as they are in Language school in Costa Rica, visit The Venezuelan Voice for the latest updates.

~our precious friends, Chad & Leslie, they are foster parents and back in October, two precious children were placed in their home. These are the first foster children ever placed in their home. The past couple of months have been a huge adjustment for them and their son. Please remember them as they love and encourage these children the Lord has brought into their lives.

~and for the person above that I have difficulties with and that situation

I know many others around me have burdens as well, but these are the ones that the Lord is having me share today. Thank you for praying!


Deidre said...

Hmmmm ... I'm trying to think if I ran into you after SS? haha The things God asks us to do are not often easy, but the payoffs are incredible.

Love you!

Elaine said...

I'm joining you in praying! I love your heart, and God is going to bring you great amounts of JOY in 2013 =) Love ya!

Ibukun said...

Will be praying every time God drops you in my mind and for the people you have asked us to pray for.

Kerlick said...

thank you for your prayers bff! I love you bunches and bunches!! and im tired of proving im not a dang robot everytime i comment!!! lol i dont know why its so funny to me that it says "Please prove you're not a robot"

the sad part is, is that i never can get it on the first try

Jessica R. Patch said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! I think sending cards is a lovely idea! I'm always encouraged when someone sends me a note saying they're thinking of me and praying for me.

Praying God will give you immeasurable joy as you're obedient to fulfill His will! :)