Wednesday, January 9, 2013

JOY!: Making a Choice

On Sunday, I was somewhat dreading Monday morning. The boys were starting back to school, and Sis was starting another semester of college. It doesn't take me very long to become spoiled, not having to get up earlier each morning to get them all up and off to school. I am NOT a morning person, and it takes me about 15-30 seconds to become agitated when I wake up, and then in my agitation, I get the opportunity to wake up the kids....(well ok, B - THE ULTIMATE IN MORNING PERSONs - helps some mornings) and I am not sure where they get their less than desirable morning attitudes, (uh hmm) but it is not my favorite thing to do. Lovin' and cuddling on them, well lets say, it doesn't work. On top of that, when school is back in session, so is basketball, baseball, band, etc. I will just admit, I was not looking forward to the return of our schedules. I loved the lazy days of our time off, and the kids did too. (well except for the fact that Bub & Sis had their wisdom teeth removed the day AFTER Christmas - how's that for a Merry Christmas??!! HA!)

As usual, all good things come to an end, and we have to return to the daily life as we know it. 

BUT...I want to give the LORD some PRAISE!!! God is working in some areas of my life and I am seeking JOY in my every day walk. Knowing Monday morning was going to be harder than usual, I made a plan to get up early, I prayed and made a choice to get out of the bed with a better attitude than normal. I made chocolate chip pancakes and woke the kids, (without having to return to the teenage boy 10 times!! or raising my voice! YAY!!) the morning was peaceful, we got out of the door early. It was so the opposite of what I was soooo dreading!! I actually found some JOY that morning. 

Now, yesterday, was not so great, Kea woke up in a very fowl mood. (still not sure who he gets that from??) But, again I made a choice to look for JOY. I didn't find any with him until I begin to sing, "I've got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart, down in my heart, down in my heart to stay. And I'm so happy, so very happy".... at first I saw horns, but by the time I got to" happy", he broke out into his sweet little grin and laughed at me. That turned his frown upside down!

This morning was ok. I found JOY in ok. OK is a calm morning, no grumpiness, harsh words, picking around, and getting out the door on time. I will take OK everyday!

Now every morning, may not be JOYful, and I may forget to chose for my morning to be different, (Fridays are the worst!) And I may not feel at all like I have joy in my heart, but I need to remember, that my JOY comes from the Lord and I need to show it, even when I don't feel like it. Just a few days of me being different, has shown me that if I make an intentional choice for our mornings to be calmer, maybe it was the Mom that is SO NOT A MORNING PERSON.  For now, I will continue to look for JOY and pray that God will do a work in me! 

Go ahead and click on the song below... I know you have been singing it in your head anyway!!

Have a JOYfilled day!


~Lynn~ said...

It's so hard to imagine you in a robe & curlers (well, that part's not so hard--I've seen it!) and without JOY--you always seem to be such a JOYous person and have such a positive outlook on everything. Of course, I don't live with you either, and B may not totally agree. . .loving your blog! :0

Ibukun said...

Pray you continue to have joy all through this week! X

Anonymous said...

Good WORD!

Denise said...

Nice word.

Racquel said...

Joy is indeed a choice!

LadyD Piano said...

I enjoyed reading your post and can relate because I am not a morning person either! :=)