Friday, January 11, 2013

Who Said It Would Be Easy?

Do your children listen the first time you ask them to do something or stop doing something? If so, you can stop reading because this probably won't be for you, you have it made and I am jealous happy for you :).  It depends on which child and what the situation is, as to how quickly mine obey. 

This week, God has been showing me some things, and they "ain't too pretty". What is really sad, is that He has been trying to get my attention for a while. And, obviously, I haven't listened. 


But, this week, He has used something so different, and unusual in my life to open my eyes to some things that "I" need to do. 

So, I am no different than my children. Guess they deserve a little mercy, huh? See, I didn't listen the first time, or the countless other times that the Lord spoke to me, or in the different ways He has tried to get my attention. What He is showing me, convicting me of is NOT an easy road. And I am very aware that God doesn't call me to do easy. Nothing worth doing for the Lord never is.  I am so very thankful that HE never gives up on me, and that His mercies are NEW EVERY morning.

Thank you Lord, for your MERCY!! 

I cannot do this alone.... Lord, I need you now! 


Ibukun said...

God's love and patience humbles me. Always

Kerlick said...

you about lost me when you started your post out does your children always listen and obey because mine do... they are angels.... really stop laughing.... bahhaahhaaaa!!!!! I love ya
plus I just wanted to post to make sure you got rid of the "prove you are not a robot" thingy... lol

Debbie said...

He speaks so often through my intereactions with my family. Thanks for sharing this!