Monday, January 14, 2013

"JOY"ful Sightings!

Going into Friday, I knew that our weekend was going to be busy, and I don't usually handle them well. I am one that needs a little downtime or I get extremely somewhat cranky. So in keeping with  "joy" I chose to look for "joy" throughout the weekend.  First I needed to know exactly what I was looking for-
According to 
JOY -  
1.the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation:
2.a source or cause of keen pleasure or delight; something or someone greatly valued or appreciated: 
3.the expression or display of glad feeling; festive gaiety.
4.a state of happiness or felicity.
verb (used without object) feel joy; be glad; rejoice.

With the numerous definitions, surely I would have some "joy" sightings over the weekend. I chose to look for those moments and take time to focus on "joy" in my weekend.
  • Finally Friday! My first full work week since the holidays is almost over. Getting back into a routine this week, has proved to be a little difficult. Praise the Lord!! Some prayers and encouragement from some special people helped me through! I made it! 
  • Sis & I at a Zumbathon for Miss Savannah (please pray for her today PET scan to see how her cancer is responding to treatment.) Love our time together... but, we were wore OUT! Two hours of Zumba on a Friday night! What was I thinking???
  • Taking a shower and getting into my bed. After the week I had, plus the that's JOY :)
  • A Girl's Day out with my Mom and Sis. Shopping, lunch, and then more shopping. My mom can shop!! Lots of laughs and silliness. One quick story, my mother was on the hunt for a new pair of tennis shoes and as she was trying on the 13th or 14th pair (uh, no joke!) Sis sat down on what was like a loveseat chair, and this elderly gentleman, comes over and says, "move over". (You should have seen the look on her face - bahhaa!!!! ) "Do you have the cards? I thought we could play Bridge." My mom and I tried so hard not to laugh. Now Sis is unlike me. She didn't know what to say. I can talk to anyone, so I started a conversation. Those of you that know me are surprised, huh? Anyway, it was a joy to talk with him. He was waiting on his wife to finish looking at every pair of earrings in the jewelry department. He said and she would leave without a pair after all that looking. So cute! Just so you will know we were the farthest chair away from the jewelry department. Sis must have looked lonely. HA!! Oh, I know I am not a fashion-ista, or a budding makeup artist, but this one sales lady, she was a fright,sight. I don't even know how to explain it, all I know is she shouldn't be selling cosmetics. Sis & I were so stunned, we couldn't stop staring!!! And Mom could barely keep a straight face. I know I shouldn't make fun of others, but you would have been stunned too, and a couple of you that I KNOW, would have laughed out loud!     
  • Watching Bub play basketball! He is so serious....even when they are leading by more than 25 points. 
  • Watching B coach those boys young men. They have been playing together since they were little. He is so good with them. What am I talking about, he thinks he is one of them. :)
  • Seeing Savannah and her family have fun and laugh, during her brother's surprise 16th birthday party. (I cannot believe he is 16!! He and Bub have been friends since they were 5!!! )
  • Getting a text Sunday morning about "worshiping the Lord with my family" and "resting in the shadow of the almighty". Sweet friend that points me to the Lord! I love it!
  • A lesson on TRUTH in Sunday School. Learning the truth about a couple of our teachers!! pure joy!! (even more so the fact that I wasn't sitting in the "hot" seat!)
  • B and I, along with Kea spent time with two sweet children during church service. What a joy it was!!! And to see Kea being so kind, loving and helpful during our time together. It is pure joy to serve others! What a blessing the Lord gave us!!! Thank you Lord!!
  • Lunch at my parent's  - LASAGNA!! Yummmmmm! Watching Kea play at the complex playground. Spending time their is priceless. 
  • A message on Discouragement. Putting it in God's hands isn't always easy, but its necessary. I must, in order to have real joy. 
Wow... I had more "joy" sightings than I thought possible! What a difference a positive attitude makes?! Reminds me of the song Kea sang in the Christmas play... "I try to look for good in all I see"
Finding joy is possible when you are on the lookout!

So what if my house is a wreck,  my laundry is piled high??
 I found JOY!!!

What can turn your frown upside down??

Have a great week! Keep Looking UP!!!

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Deidre said...

I loved reading every bit of this. I should have been on your shopping trip! Sounds fun.