Thursday, January 17, 2013

Joy! : Thankful Thursday!

I want to thank the Lord for some of the JOY He has put in my path this week!!

*Encouraging texts help me get through my day! Special friends that take time out of their busy lives to send me a text with scripture or that they are praying for me brings me a lot of "JOY"! Lift your friends to the Lord and let them know about it! They will appreciate it, I KNOW!

*On my way home one day this week, I was feeling worn out and tired. Not so much physically, but spiritually.  I was asking the Lord to give strength and power to handle the evening. (I have a friend that calls getting home, homework, supper, etc  - the witching hour) Sometimes I feel that. And I am the WITCH. I am really working on that part of me. I find it hard to keep myself together, and I am diligently working on that area of my life. While sitting at a stop light, I look up and see a sign with the same words......
that cracked me up!! How many times have I said to my boys, "don't make me come in there!"????
Love how He puts things in my path, just when I need it!! A great way to start my evening! And wondered, just how many times has he said that to me??

*Had lunch with Leslie. We haven't had much time to talk or to catch up lately. I am so thankful for her!!  And that she works close by. We are going to have to have lunch more often! Nothing like catching up!!

*Went by a friend's house to drop something off. Wasn't expecting to stay but a minute. Got to sit, talk & pray for a short time. What a blessing that was for me! Little did I know that she had a rough day and God used me stopping by to encourage her. Little opportunities that I normally let slip by, because I am RARELY spontaneous like that.

* My husband.... because he puts up with my nonsense. Thankful that the Lord gives him patience with me.

*God's word has brought me a lot of JOY this week. He is for me! He loves me so much. He loves me enough to put me on a path that is for my good and His GLORY! May I follow in obedience.

*Now, I am not a "snow" person, but I have seem some JOY in my children (and some of my silly friends, you know who you are!!) at the mention of snow in the forecast. If it does snow..... I may like it for a moment....its been raining here ALL week! So it would be a welcome change. :) If it could just wait til Friday, that would be even better!
I love that the Lord chose JOY for my 2013 word. May I continue to look for JOY in my life! How about you? Have you experienced any JOY this week??


Sherry Reese said...

Oh yes, the snow will bring this silly girl some joy too because I know my little ones will love it. I always try to not get my hopes up too high around here, but I just can't help it! It isn't supposed to start until late tonight so you will likely get your wish. For now, we're stuck with rain. Glad you have found so much joy this week! :-)

Janis Cox said...

Hi again,

Love your post this morning. I especially remember what I called the "bewitching hour" from 4 - dinner. The kids seem to get into some type of mood - all are tired.

I finally found something that helped. Veggie snacks.. put out in a fun way. Then Lego time - Dad came home in time to play while I finished dinner. Saved..

Adelle said...

A friend of mine calls the "witching hour" the "arsenic hour" (in other words, the hour in which you want to take arsenic). HA! Thanks for taking the time to comment on my crazy day yesterday. I appreciated your words!

Hope Filled Living said...

Hi Piper, I am your newest follower!