Friday, March 7, 2014

It's Baseball Season!!! Yes, Really!!!

When this little fella started playing baseball.... I remember sunshine and high temps!!

I do believe I see some sweat!
Well.... when you get to be a BIG BOY..... Baseball season begins mid- February. For those of you that  live in NC...... you know it isn't warm, sunshiny days. Not lately anyway.
My Bub in the catcher's gear.

Ready for action 
 There have already been 4 games and the highest the temperatures have been for a game is 42!! At the game above it was 39 when the game was over. Nothing like looking like an eskimo to watch your son play ball!! Bundled up from head to toe with a blanket..... Now the next night B was bundled up, long johns & all. And he was fortunate enough for a friend to loan him his little heater.

Yesterday's practice was cancelled due to the forecast of a wintry mix.....

which turned out to be over 2 inches of snow this morning!!

I took these pictures on the way into work. It is beautiful, but does it look anything like baseball season to you???

Just last weekend it was in the 60s and beautiful sunshine!! This ole' chic is ready for SPRING to come stay awhile...not just for a visit!!! It will be here again tomorrow, really..... 67 is the high! :)

And this is how winter of 2013-2014 has been!

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Sherry said...

Your baseball season started in February? Yikes! Our games don't start until the end of this month, but we did miss our first practice this Saturday because the fields were so muddy from all the rain we had this week. I am sorry you had to endure the extreme cold to watch your boy play, but I know it was worth it for you and him too. I do love watching my son play ball! It is one of the best parts of being a mom of a boy! :-)