Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Worship Wednesday - Never Once

Ever had one of those days that just seem to drag you down? How about weeks or maybe you have experienced months? One thing after another? Lately that has been the case in our family. I like roller coasters, but only the kind you get on, scream as you get the thrill and then BAM! Just that that the ride is over and you step off!. 

Well, I am not liking this ride at all. It seems something new and unexpected at each and every turn. Some days it seems as if I am barely hanging on. Other days, I seem to straighten myself out and go along with the ups and the downs. As long as I am hanging onto God's promises I am pretty steady. But those days that I take my eyes off of HIS WORD and put them on my circumstances.........

A big ol' MESS happens. I scream, I kick, I seriously WANT OFF THIS RIDE. 

And then it happens. Without a warning....the Holy Spirit reminds me  - 

"you know that you are not alone."
"God's got this."
"Trust in His Promises" 

I then turn to the Word that comforts me...

"Be strong and of a good courage"
"God is MY refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." Psalm 46:1
"God is in the midst of ME, I shall not be moved, God will help me early in this trial" Psalm 45:5
 He loves me and He is with me.... He is not surprised by this. He will hold me with His right hand of righteousness. He alone is my portion. 

And a sweet peace stills my soul. I am reminded of His presence a few months back when we had a health scare with my sweet husband. During a gall bladder attack they found a cyst on his kidney. Once he had his gall bladder removed, we had to follow up with an MRI on his kidney. The results sent him to a Urologist which put us sort of in a panic. With a daughter and son-in-law being nurses, we found out way more than we needed to know. Oh, and you know the internet..... it is full of useful and SCARY, DIDN'T NEED TO KNOW THAT, OVER THE TOP INFORMATION. When I got to the C word. I FROZE! I could not breathe!! So, do yourself a favor. Don't be a surfing doctor. It leads to even more worry, more what ifs.......during the 2 week wait to see the real doctor. 

I began to seek the Lord with all my might!! I immediately went to Psalm 46 sitting in that MRI waiting room. One of my go-tos in times of distress..... when I got to verse 5 it was as if it were lit up. "God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved, God will help her and that right early" Psalm 45:5
 I felt His peace and His presence at that moment. 

The days were long and some nights were even longer. When darkness begin to shadow over the situation, we went to His word to bring light back into it. Everyday God gave us verses to cling to. It was if we were hanging on for dear life. The appointment came and once again we had to wait over a weekend for the dr to consult with another dr. When B called me with the news that it was just a "blood-filled cyst" again I was frozen. I didn't know what to say. The presence of God was so real that I was just in awe of Him. All I could do was thank Him. Praise Him. 

That night, I was folding my umteenth load of laundry, and still praising Him with the radio on K-Love. This song came on a month of pure emotion, and praise began to fall from my eyes and my heart. 

 We got the kids together and we told them the good news, how our prayers had been answered. We shared a lot of things about how God works in our lives and how much He love us! How HE is always with us, even when we think maybe He isn't . We shared this song and immediately. Bub got his guitar and started learning it. Precious time for our family.

Last week my prayer list on Worship Wednesday - now some PRAISE for those requests
Please pray.....
B's test results - PRAISE THE LORD! He has a cyst on his kidneys that they are monitoring every 3 months. Results from a recent Ultrasound  - no change in cyst - THANK YOU LORD!! MRI in 3 months
Am's surgery - went well, she is recovering well. Still has some discomfort. Praying that this worked for her stomach problems.
My Brother & his family in Venezuela  -please continue to pray. This country needs the Lord and our prayers. God protect and provide.... as they share the news of Jesus with the lost.
Sis & school  - LOTS of prayers were answered last week. May GOD continue to show her who HE is
My mother - hurt her back during the snow a few weeks back. Slowly on the mend. 

and many other unspoken that the Lord knows all about.  God knows my heart about these situations and He will get GLORY for them.

On that roller coaster??  He is there
Barely hanging on?? He is there
Top of the mountain  - all is good?? He is there 
Ready to jump off?? He is there

Hang on  - God's got this!

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Sherry said...

Oh thank the Lord that you husband is okay! I know what you mean about that roller coaster, but you are so right. I have never felt God's presence more than in this past year of our lives. Thank you for the wonderful reminder! Prayers for all of you!