Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Worship Wednesday

Last weekend we had the 2nd opportunity to go see Selah with our Youth Group. (The previous week they were to play after the Crawdads game and it was a washout!! Terrible storms came and just sat down over the area soooo we took the Youth bowling instead, fun!!) And Oh MY!! What a time of worship!! SO real!! I was battling a migraine and almost didn't go. I thank God that I did!

What a testimony from Amy Perry.... and God has given her a voice ...WOW!! If you ever have the opportunity to see Selah, you won't regret it!! This video is a little long, yet, so worth listening to. When you are struggling, can't find your way, at a loss for what to do, look to HIM! 

On Friday we leave for our children's camp, as of right now we have over 50 children going. Pray for our camp if you will please. And for Mr. B as he leads and guides us!  I sometimes get a bit overwhelmed at the opportunity He puts before us and this was a wonderful reminder to look to Him & to worship Him!! He is the WHY?  Thank you Jesus!! 


Laura Hodges Poole said...

Beautiful testimony and song! A great reminder to keep our eyes on God and not those who hurt us. Carry His truth!

Kim said...

Beautiful..... Thank You