Friday, August 10, 2012

Camp Sonseeker 2012

The best & the silliest kids on the planet!! (& the brightest!!lol) 
Camp Sonseeker 2012 came quickly and was over in a blink of an eye. We had 52 children attend.... and WOW God's Power was so evident!! Anytime you are doing something for the know who shows up. BUT OUR GOD IS BIGGER!!! And Praise Him!! Three precious children came to know the Lord as their personal Savior!! I won't tell you all the darts that were thrown our way, BUT God came and worked anyway!! He gets the GLORY for all!! 
I love love Mr B!! I am so proud of him!!
( I know we look like highlighters... and this is NOT my color, I am not bitter or anything! lol!!)
Over 10 years ago, Mr B was called to lead our Children's Ministry, and along with that came planning events for our children. This is his 10th year as our camp director. We had been to camp 3 years prior with our Children's Pastor, and when he left, God worked on Mr B to lead. WOW... God works in ways that only He can and he did a mighty work in my husband. Mr B stepped up to the task and I am so proud of how he has allowed God to lead him. Mr B is just a kid at heart and the kids love him! As his wife, I stepped in and followed his lead and we have been so blessed to have the opportunity to work with the children for so many years. One day, I will post the story of when Mr B finally stopped running from what God was telling him to do. 
When we tell people about Camp, and tell them how many kids, their eyes get big and say....why do you do that??? and how??? Because God leads and God gives us exactly what we need to be able to do it. AND we need a lot of counselors to go with us and help us with camp!! We could not do it without such a great group of adults and youth that go with us. Most of them have been going as long as we have, and some of the youth were campers at one time. It is so awesome to see them grow up and want to be a part of Camp Sonseeker! 

There is so much that I could write about this weekend but my post would be entirely too long!! So I will post pictures and if a video show up of our Counselor's Got Talent Show I will post later. It was too much fun and as usual our counselors out did themselves!! Oh, yeah, and a bit embarrassing too!! 
Sis and her sweet group (a few were missing :( )
Blues Brother - Bub!!
These two Buddies started attending Camp Sonseeker before they were born!! (Kea is on the left) 
Coach B! Host of Counselors Got Talent!! 


Praising the Lord! 


Sorry D...couldn't resist!! 
Swim test time! 
Lake time with friends!
Cool canoeing!!
Meet Judges ...Karen Wasborne & Wild Bon Rovi!! 
And Judge Billy Bob Jeb! 

Everyday I'm Praisin' Him! 
Loved them!!
Having fun in the sun!
Kung Fu Elders~ you just had to be there!!
The Pillage People! 

The Blues Brothers LIVE!!! 



Awesome group! Love you girls!!
There are lots & lots more pix but me & blogger are having issues as you can tell the pictures are in a random order! I am sure its me!! Lol!!

Thank you for joining us for Camp Sonseeker 2012!!!!


Sherry Reese said...

Wow, that looks like an awesome camp experience for the kids! I attended church camp throughout my childhood, and I have so many wonderful memories from those summers! So thankful there are people like you and Mr. B in the world helping shape our young people!

Deidre said...

You and B are absolutely the best ones for the job. God knew He could trust you both with so many children's lives. It takes special people to put up with all you do. We love you so much and are thankful for you both.

As for a counselor talent show? Yeah, that's not your best decision, though :)