Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Prepare My Heart

This is my prayer this week. This weekend we are going on a Youth Mission trip to West Virginia. I am so excited that I will be serving along side my husband, and my teenagers, Sis & Bub. In preparation for the trip, we have planned the weekend, made lists of what to bring or not to bring, planned menus and shopping lists and gathered donations. Sometimes I get so caught up in the details of preparing for a lesson, a retreat, camp, etc.,  that I forget that GOD has it all under control. I need not worry or fret or get uptight about any of it. So, knowing that a lot is coming up in the next few weeks (we have our kids camp in less than a month!!!) I am doing my best to give it all over to the Lord, and trying to stay focused on HIM and not the stuff.

In our pastor's message on Sunday, I was very convicted over the thought that I maybe grieving the Holy Spirit and even quenching the Holy Spirit with my busyness and my worries. It was the perfect sermon for me. If it wasn't for anyone else, it was for me!! 

I need to prepare my heart more than I need to pack my toothbrush!! This week I came back to work (from a week off) doing my best to be positive, giving things over to the Lord and focusing on Him instead of circumstances (and a full desk!). I want this weekend to be for the Lord. I want to be used by Him. I am praying that my heart will be clean before Him, so that nothing stands in the way of sharing the Love of Christ to the children and families that we will come in contact with. May we see them as God does. Please pray for our Mission Team and that each of hearts are prepared to do what God wants. May God use our youth to help change a person's life for eternity!!

Father, give me your eyes, give me your love for humanity, give me your arms for the broken hearted.  Help me to stay focused on you. Prepare hearts and minds for this weekend. Show our youth your glory! Allow them to let you work through them. May the step out of their comfort zones and do your will. Cover us with a hedge of  protection as we travel. Bring revival to this area of WV. Prepare the children's hearts to receive your love for them. I lift up Brother Harold as he does your will in JenkinJones, WV.

In Christ,


NickiS said...

Blessings to you on stepping out in faith to impact His kingdom! I pray that you have the grace, courage, wisdom and words necessary to lead a group of kids into such an awesome journey! And that this time is a wonderful experience for your family!

Sherry Reese said...

Hi, Piper! So glad you found me. I also look forward to reading more of your words and am so thankful for prayers from fellow believers! I truly hope that this weekend is a rewarding experience for all!

Laura Hodges Poole said...

Great post, Piper. It's good to be reminded about our busyness and worry when we should be focusing on the Holy Spirit's work. "Give Me Your Eyes" is one of my favorite contemporary songs. Thanks for sharing. I hope your mission trip went well.