Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The One Who Calms

Then in their trouble they called to the Lord,
      and he saved them from their distress.
 He calmed the raging storm,
  and the waves became quiet.

 They were glad because of the calm,
      and he brought them safe to the port they wanted. 
Psalm 107:28-30(GNT)

In a devotional I read this morning, the underlined words of this Psalm spoke to me.

As life tosses you to and fro, sometimes its a ripple just rocking you gently, sometimes its a scattered thunderstorm that seems to be hit and miss, and then others its the full-fledged knock you off your feet, waves are crashing, kind of storm. With the rains pelting down, the winds blowing at top speeds, the lightning striking at ever turn, and the thunder so loud you can't hear yourself think, you find yourself in a place where your heart is racing, you can't seem to breathe and you feel as if you are all alone with no where to turn.

When in the midst of the storm, all you see is the storm in front of you. You can't see past it, you can only see where you have been and where you are, but what's in front of you? No one knows.  Unfortunately, this is when your eyes are off the Lord and on your circumstances. But, like the words of the above Psalm, you turn to the Lord and cry out to Him. In your fear, your pain, your aching, and in your distress, He hears your cry, and He will calm that raging storm in your heart and your mind. Oh, the winds may still be blowing, waves may be crashing, and the rain may still be coming down, but your Heavenly Father has calmed the storm within you. He is the ONE who can and who WILL calm your storms!


Wendy @ ECTaS said...

Hi Piper

Glad I found your blog - this is a beautiful post!

Thank you for sharing.

fanta4two said...

HI Piper,

I enjoyed reading this post.I found your blog from the thoughtprovokingthursday linkup and am glad I surfed on in.

Thanks for the reminder that God is always in control! :) I especially love the quote from up above.

Have a blessed day!
Patty from said...

Gosh Piper, perfect for today for me. Thank you Lord for speaking through Piper. God Bless you friend.

Laura Hodges Poole said...

I agree, Piper. You've said this beautifully. God is always with us in the midst of our storms.

Gail Purath said...

I love your quote/image. And you've nailed it, Piper. Now if I would just remember to focus back on Jesus in my storms of life, I know I would always experience this calm. Thanks for sharing on B&BB and thanks so much for displaying the button. I pray your week will be filled with calm and peace from the Lord.