Monday, June 4, 2012

Content: I Get To.....

On my way to work I was thinking of what all I need to do this week, feeling a bit overwhelmed as I tend to be a worry-wart over stuff I need to do versus stuff I didn't get done over the weekend. (don't judge!!lol!!) Knowing that I needed to hand my week to the Lord, I flipped the radio from my normal Contemporary Christian station to JoyFM (Southern Gospel) and the next song that played was "I Get To". 

God used that song to remind me what "I Get To" do in my life.

I get to wake up each morning! I am alive!!
I get to get out of bed! I am able!
I get to be a Mom to 4 wonderful children, 1 Son-in-law, and be a "Lolli" to our precious grandson!
I get to wake up my children! I am so blessed - even if they don't realize that its a "get to"
I get to go to work. Praise God I have a job...a lot do not and some aren't able
I get to be married to my best friend - poor thing I sometimes neglect him! 
I get to be a daughter to great parents and in-laws.
Ohhh there are so many things that "I Get To" do that sometimes overwhelm me...!!!
I get to go to ball games,  practices, band concerts, etc
I get to cook, clean, do LAUNDRY (lots of it!)
I get to kiss boo boos, nurse, give hugs, love & love some more!!
I  get to be a part of a great Youth/Children's Ministry team.
I get to teach children about our Savior (by the way -another little boy from church got saved last night !!)
I get to be an encouragement to others (now if I would just DO IT!)
I get to have friends that love and encourage me.
I get to pray, praise, study God's word!
I get to be loved by my Heavenly Father!! 
Thank you Lord for your blessings on me!!

Lord, thank you for the precious reminder this morning of the things "I Get To" because of you!! My life is full because of your blessings on me! Help me to remember that without you, nothing else is possible! And with you EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! Even when I become anxious, overwhelmed and in the valley of defeat, I GET TO because of you! Thank you for placing some CONTENTment in my heart this morning!! Praise Your Name!! You are WORTHY!!

There are so many things that "I get to" do that I couldn't never list them all!

What are some things you "get to" do??


Elaine said...

I get to read your blog--which i love! Love this list! said...

Perfectly said Piper. The Lord spoke to you in a deep way! Every day we need to be thankful for the gifts He has given. Live for Him & only Him! Praise His name Amen.

Rebecca Biddy said...

This post was definitely for me. I was just telling my dear husband last night about stressing over all the so called things I needed to get done. I have been up alot at night with my pregnancy bladder and I lay back in bed and stress about all there is to get done. This does me no good at all. I am going to pray that the Lord helps me turn my need to get dones into I get to. Thank you so much for this reminder. Love, love your blog as well as you.

Rosilind Jukic said...

Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Love, love LOVE the Easters!!!! Great song!!! Have a blessed week!
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