Monday, June 11, 2012

The One Who Calms Part 2

After my last post, I got some comments as well as some emails about how they really needed that post. As well as some that teetered on the edge of "you know that God will take care of the situation" "Oh, ye of little faith". I will be honest here, I almost didn't post it after I wrote it.

Why? Because I knew that it was for me. I am such a worrier, and get anxious about the craziest things. And sometimes, out of nowhere a spirit of fear and anxiousness comes over me and sends me into a tailspin. So, when I put down what is on my mind, and what God is showing me over a certain situation, I sometimes have a hard time sharing, because it makes me vulnerable and that's a whole other issue.

There are many of you that never happens to, but the definition fits me to a tee...  

Vulnerable: open to moral attack, criticism, temptation

Does anyone get my drift?? If you do, you understand. If you don't, you probably won't understand.  

I know that I should share what God has done for me and is teaching me. It is just hard for me sometimes. For those of you that commented, emailed or messaged me on that post, thank you. Some of you shared your burdens with me and I appreciate the opportunity to pray for you. Another way to take my eyes off my circumstances and to lift others burdens to the Lord! 

The words in the song below spoke to me the morning after I posted..... Once again a reminder that when I am faced with uncertainty and I feel as if I am being tossed to & fro....He'll Hold Me. I am so thankful for HIS PROMISES!! He will never leave me nor forsake me!! I am His and He is mine! 


Elaine said...

love this!

Laura Hodges Poole said...

It's difficult to put your feelings out for the whole world to read and comment on. I wrestle with this, also. I enjoyed both posts.