Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let's Hear It for the Boys!!

Yes, it's me again! That MOM.... you know the one that thinks her children are the BOMB!!! 

Well, they are.........I love them and I am so proud of them and since I am writing this post in honor of The MOB Society's "Let's Hear It for the Boys" link up . Today is of course a day to brag on my boys!!! 

There are days that these two can wear this ol' mom to a pulp, make me laugh til I cry, make me want to scream or find a hiding place far far away. But, there are other days that they can make this Momma so proud I could squeeze them in two!

I will start with Bub! He is our family athlete. Do you have one of those that just has that natural athletic talent that just oozes from their pores? Well, his oozes and it runs deep, and on top of that he is very competitive so that makes for a very determined athlete! God has given him a talent that must have come from his Daddy, cause this boy has more athletic ability in his little toe than I do in my whole body!!! 
10-11 years old - I think!

Last year-8th grade

His absolute favorite sport is baseball.... since he was just a toddler he always wanted to catch. All through little league that was his desire. Oh, he can play just about any position, but catching well, he loves it..... and as of last week he is catching on the High School VARSITY Baseball team!!! Whoo Hoo!! All that hard work and determination God has blessed!! And the best part of him making Varsity, he just takes it in stride and is humble about it! God is working in that boy's life! Praise HIM!!!
He looks so little.....but sooo serious!

So grown up!! (tear) 
Warning.... I hope to post lots of pix of the upcoming season (please pray for his took a hard hit yesterday during a scrimmage!!) 

Now for Mr. Kea......

I was going through his book bag and getting all his school work out one night and he had an Act of Kindness Citation. It made me wonder why he hadn't mentioned it. He is all about telling about everything and then some....

I asked him about it the next morning, and what he did to earn it. 

He said, "I don't know."
Me "You don't know what you did to deserve such an awesome award? Because I think that's pretty cool."
Kea - "Nope" "I must have done something nice" (well, duh Mom was the look I got)
Me "Really???!" (me laughing inside)
Kea - "Yea" "I am nice you know."
Me (giggling) - "Yes you are. I think you are very nice."

Realizing that the boy of many words didn't know what he did or when and on top of that didn't seem to think it was that big of a deal I just let it go.

Which got me to thanking the Lord for working in his young life. He is naturally a good child. And he doesn't even realize how wonderful that is. He listens to his teachers, he does very well in school, he is a great helper, he is kind to others, and he is always helping others in his class. They call him a Peer Helper with those that struggle in reading...God gave him a special talent and he began reading before he was 4 years old...which can be a challenge for his teachers and for us!

So for him to get the award for just being himself..... makes a Momma Proud, whether he thinks its a big deal or not!!

So very proud of my boys!! And so very thankful for a Heavenly Father that has blessed me so!!!

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