Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Flashback!!

Oh my! I ran across this picture the other day!! Haaa!! What fun!!! This is from a few years ago. I almost didn't post it because we look absolutely ridiculous. 

Yes we look ridiculous, but the memories of it made me laugh out loud!! 

 Me, in the bright yellow mini-skirt & Mr Sexy in the Hawaiian shirt were part of a hilarious skit during a Surprise 40th Birthday Celebration for both of us. I am just a smidge older than my hubby (go ahead and call me a cougar if you must, lol) Our friends and family GOT US GOOD!! We had no idea!!

Our precious friends, (with friends like them, we don't need enemies, lol) can come up with some outrageous skits for Birthday/Anniversary parties (they should be for hire!!). We were the not-so- lucky participants of "A California Dreamin' Makeover". They enjoyed it way too much. And I know yellow is NOT my color!

You know what they say about "paybacks".... I am thinking its been way too long!! 

Have a great weekend!!

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