Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Give Thanks Day 14 (a day late)

Today I give thanks for WGBC Children's Ministry. God has blessed our lives with being a part of the children's ministry at our church. What a blessing to be able to tell children about Jesus and be a part of pointing them to Christ. We have a great ministry team that is there when we need them and even when we don't they are faithful to pray for us. Sometimes serving pizza, taking someone to the restroom may not feel like serving the Lord. But, everything is necessary and important.

Over 10 years ago, my hubby and I headed to the mountains for a weekend getaway. Oh, to have a couple of days to spend together and get away was very much needed. As we were driving along, he turns the music down and says I have a confession to make. Ok, I don't know about you, but that set off about 25 alarms in my head, most of which had me convinced that he was having an affair. How can so much go through one's mind in 30 seconds?? But, he calmed my fears about that quickly and set another fear in motion. He says, "I have been running from God for a while. I can't run any longer and I have to be obedient. I have has several people praying about this (what am I chopped liver? ok so I know its not about me) and I have already talked to Preacher D" "I told him that God wants me to lead the CM." OH! Well, better than an affair. BUT, OH MY GOSH!! That was another fear, what in the world has he done? And I calmly say, "I am here to help you and support you in whatever God has called you to do." Calm was not in me...just in my words. I had to pray that my attitude would be as my words. Helping in CM is one thing, but leading it.....that's huge. Oh, I had no doubt that B could do it, but I on the other hand wasn't sure I could be what he needed me to be
But, in the days to come, many people talked with us, and the same thing was told to us over & over. God does not call the prepared, He prepares the called.

Anytime you are doing God's work, the enemy will come and do whatever he can to defeat you and over the years we have fought some tough battles. Know what, I wouldn't change a thing. We have been so blessed by children over the years and seeing some of them now as young adults, just blesses my heart. Sometimes others don't understand that this is God's plan, not ours. I know I cannot do it without the Lord. Dependence on Him is necessary to face things within ministry, and when children are involved, you just never know what they may face outside of the church. The ones that may drive you the craziest are the ones that probably need you the most.

God has shown me so much over the years, from trusting in Him, leaning on Him, seeing Him work in children, He has given us so much joy and many times I forget that. I get tired, I wonder if they are even listening. I get weary. And I know where He has placed us for now, and I need to be about the Father's Business. I am to support and help B and do what God asks of me. Planting seeds so that one day, someone will water and then God will produce the harvest! 

Father, thank you for this opportunity, help me to not take it lightly, help me to encourage and lift the children up. They are your children and they need to know and see who you are. Oh, touch the children, and their families. Give their parents a desire to bring them to church faithfully. Help them understand the importance of seeking your will for their lives. Forgive me for thinking sometimes this isn't worth it. Because it is worth it all!!! Thank you!!

Some pix of our thankful tree...... Thankful Time is my favorite time of day right now.

We each have our own color and the red are for our extended family & friends (ok so we only have 4 red on our tree right now) My BFF was by Saturday night and she and her hubby and son(his was Pie....yes we need to be thankful for Pie!!Love it!) added to our tree, Sis's bf  was home and he joined in our thankful time. I think that's pretty cool!!

I know half the month is over, but you still have time to start your Thankful Tree. It will bless your heart, and focus on what being thankful really means. Go ahead, do it!!!


Anonymous said...

I loved this blog. You both are such a influence in our children's lives. Thanks for your sacrifice.

I love this thankful tree idea. I have never seen this before. Where do you get those cute little leaves to put on your tree?

I would like to start this thankful tree :)

Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing said...

I think this is a very powerful message and very inspirational. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

kitty said...

What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing.