Friday, November 11, 2011

Give Thanks Day 10 (a day late)

Today, I want to give thanks for a Godly Grandmother that prayed for me an Aunt that still prays for me. My grandmother would take me to church whenever possible and she talked about God to me a lot growing up. My grandfather passed away when I was 10 and we lived with her for a while after that... I can remember I would complain or ask whys of life, she would say, "everything happens for a reason, we may not know why, but we need to know that there is a reason for it". She would always tell me not to wish my life away, (you know when your 7 you want to be 10, or when you are 14 you can't wait to be 16, & on & on......) there will be a day when years will fly by like days ( I would just roll my teenage eyes, and think, she just doesn't understand). W.O.W. How true is that? Well, at my age and seeing how quickly my children have grown, once again she was OH SO RIGHT!! Maybe you are much younger than I am and you may have young children and you feel your days are creeping by, hold on your time is coming. There will be a day, you will think, where do the years go?? I sure do miss her, she has been in heaven, longer than I actually knew her. She was a precious person in my life and I have to say she spoiled me just a little, a lot :).

I know my Aunt was faithful in praying for me. Still to this day, I know she is praying for me. I finally told her several years ago (her 50th Anniversary) that as I grew up I wanted to have what her children had. Their family was intact, they "got" to go to church, they had family dinners on Sunday, and to this day they still do!! She is a role model and has had a huge influence in my life. Her children and her grandchildren that live in the area can be found around the dinner table every Sunday, cool, huh?? Their family is not perfect, they have lots going on in their lives too, but its a far cry from most families today.  They chose to be together. Most worship at the same church, and they do lots of things together. I know that she prays for my family, and she shows up to see my children in plays and supports the big events in our lives. I know I can call her anytime I need someone to talk to, or cry to. She knows all too well the dynamics of my brothers and when those times get tough, she is there to listen and she understands exactly how I feel, and points out where I need to just let some things go and let God handle them. 

Thank you Father for Granny & Aunt Jean, I know that they prayed many prayers for me and that I owe them a lot, you answered many of their prayers. Their prayers helped me to be drawn to something more, something better, than I could have ever asked for or wanted in my life. Because of their prayers You guided me to you. I know that many people prayed for me as I was growing up, but these women also showed me what living a life for You was all about! Thank You for them and the many others that did. May I too be someone that prays for and points others to You!!

Is there someone in your life that you knew was praying for you??

(I know I am a day behind. Sorry, my dad had surgery yesterday, and I couldn't get my thoughts together sitting in a waiting!! Praise the Lord, he came through surgery fine and may possibly come home today!! Something else to give thanks for!!!)


DebbieG said...

Hi Piper!
Thanks for your comment on my post. I totally get where you are coming from. Maybe the people who aggravate us are placed there just for the purpose of shaping us to be more like Jesus. Or, so the aggravating person can see Jesus in us. Either way, praying for your situation.

Jacinda @ Growing Home said...

Hello Piper, I just wanted to inform you that you've one a the copy of True Christian Motherhood! If you could please send me your email address, I'll see that it gets to you shortly. Thanks! :-)