Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011 Siesta Scripture Memory Team: Verse 22!

The LPM post for today says,
Three more to go!
Three more to go!
Three more to go!
(Hear that all cheerleader like)

 Wow, can't believe I have made it this far. Although I really can't say that and be truthful about knowing all of my verses. I mean, I learned them, but my memory is not the greatest, yet I struggle along, I am determined to finish this race I started!! I started this once before, but I didn't make it halfway. The enemy lurks and whispers the "you can't do this" and I tell him, "No, I can't, but with God all things are possible!!"  So I press on, because God has gotten me this far, I am not giving up now!!

I had another verse picked out to be my next verse, but today I was reading a blog and it was on a thankful heart. I know that I don't always have a thankful heart, but I have realized that with my family doing our Thankful Tree and taking time out of our busy days to do our Thankful Time, I have been so blessed by spending that special time with my husband and my children. I am praying about how to continue our special times together each month. At our Thankful Breakfast I decided, I want to be more intentional about Thanksgiving and what it means and can mean to our family.

Our family's traditions have been interrupted by marching band, plus Benny has to work, so we haven't been going to my sister's in several years. Bub will be marching in the Carolina's Carousel Parade again  this year, but because of the change in my heart, and the importance of being together, we will have dinner together after everyone gets home. I want our family to be together, as many that can come. As our children get older and have families of their own those times may be few. I want to make the best of our time together now.  I have sacrificed enough time for the world, and I want to change that and offer my sacrifice to the Lord!! He has blessed me so much, how can I ask for more???

I will offer to thee a sacrifice of thanksgiving and will call upon the name of the Lord. Psalm 116:17

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