Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I know I said that I would share more about Extravagant Love Women's Retreat, but that will once again be put off for another post. Sorry.

Although this post isn't about the retreat it is defintely a story of Extravagant Love. I love the song, I Know Who Holds Tomorrow....

 I am so thankful that I can't see what tomorrow brings. I know in this season of my life as I am getting older, my parents are too. I take for granted that they will always be around. Last Tuesday, was one of my "normal" (if there is such a thing) days. I had gotten home, fixed dinner, worked on laundry, Keaton had his bath and he was on the computer and I got a text that my Dad was in the ER.  My sister then called to tell me why. Immediately, my "normal" wasn't good. I lost it before I could get off the phone.  I waited on Hubby to get home (my son was at band practice) and me & baby girl headed to the hospital. Granted it was 30 minutes away and it was already 9:30. So much went through my mind on the way there. How many times had our pastor said, "we go through life, and then in an instant everything can change" rang so true in my head. I wanted to be strong but at that point, I just needed Jesus to get me to the hospital.

When I got there the news was he wasn't doing very well, he had internal bleeding and his blood counts were low, blood pressure was low and he was in serious condition. He was have a scan when we got there and when they rolled him back into the room I knew I couldn't hold it together, BUT GOD did. (I love the BUT GOD's in my life). He was very sick and my heart sunk when I saw him. My strong, stubborn, loving, caring Daddy looked frail, and was very weak. As he received some blood (have you given lately??? I need to get back into the habit of giving!!) and platelets his color began to return and within the hour he was telling to get me and Baby girl home. (it was 1:30 am). I guess stubbornness (which is what got him there in the first place!) doesn't go away when you are in serious condition!! Finally, it wouldn't do unless we left...

Through the early morning & next day he ended up getting 6 pints of blood and more plasma. (So again I NEED to give back!!) They needed to run more tests, but couldn't until blood counts returned. I was in a fog, I was in prayer, I was asking others to pray. I knew that God had him in the palm of His hand. I was praying for the bleeding to stop and for strength for him to face what ever test they needed to run.

On Thursday morning, I got there before 9. I had prayed that I could have some time with my Daddy. BUT GOD answered that prayer & more!! No one was there. Daddy was sleeping. As I watched him sleep and watched monitor's numbers go up & down, I got out my scripture spiral and I began to pray and pray my scriptures over my Daddy. I was having the most wonderful time with my earthly Father and my Heavenly Father. After a while a sense of peace just washed over me and I knew my Daddy was going to be ok.

Later they took him for a couple procedures, hoping to find where the bleeding was coming from BUT GOD had already stopped the bleeding and they could not determine for sure where it was coming from.

Praise the Lord, he got to go home on Saturday. And when we went to see him Monday night, he was standing out on the porch waiting on us to drive up!!! PRAISE THE LORD!! I was shocked , yes, because he was so weak and frail even when I saw him on Thursday, I definitely didn't think he would be up and around quite yet.

Many things about tomorrow, I don't seem to understand,
But I know who holds tomorrow, and I know who holds my hand!!

Life gets busy, and I fail to remember the blessings in my life. I take so much for granted. I don't like the fact that life can change in an instant, BUT GOD knows and He promises to never leave me nor forsake me!! I don't know my tomorrows, but I know the one who does!! Now that's Extravagant Love!!!

Piper :)


Samantha said...

Wow! So glad he is doing better. Been there before with my own dad. God is so good!

Dana said...

You were definitely handed a precious gift...a second chance with your dad! I thank God for my second chance every time I see my dad's smiling face. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. God Bless!