Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tiger Cubs, 39 for the 7th time, Johnny Appleseed, & Extravagant Love

Unless you live remotely close to my world, you are probably thinking...thats a stupid title?? I couldn't come up with anything creative, sorry that's the best I could do!! 

The past week has been full of things...busy, wonderful, GOD FILLED, hectic, lovely, blessed, funny, cute and more. I just can't get it all together enough to post. Each day I wanted to post something but didn't have take time, not because of my busyness, but in preparation for our Women's Retreat. (more in a bit or much later). I had resolved myself that I needed to take as much time as possible to focus on Him, pray and get myself together for the retreat.
So now I am attempting to write this post, although it may be lengthy, I may have to split in parts, and I definitely don't have time to write  it at once.

Monday was a Monday, much like the others and I loved going home and not having to go back out!! Everyone was home and I actually cooked!!

Usually I come in the door and Kea yells, Mommy! and comes and give me the best hug in the world. But uh, that didn't happen Tuesday. He does yell, Mommy....and as fast as the words can fly from his mouth he says, can I be a Tiger Cub?? They shoot BBguns, go camping, hiking, derby car races and more fun stuff. I really want to can I can I??? Seriously?? You need to breathe! I mean really? Tiger Cub?? Shhh don't tell him, but that's not in me at all. My idea of camping is like a camper type and that's pushing it....to be truthful its more like Holiday Inn. Nice bed, indoors, running water & electricity.Well, Buzz we will talk about it in a little while....... secretly hoping he forgets (NOT likely  I know, a girl can dream can't she??) maybe I can figure out something to distract this idea. I might as well go ahead and tell it. Where was I on Thursday night? Signing up for Tiger Cubs. (There was a box on the form to check to be a Den Parent. Let's just say I skipped it.) And thats my story. I am sticking to it!!

On Wednesday something happened that no matter what, was going to happen. Well with the exception of the alternative. Actually my last birthday was 39! And after that year I decided I would have anniversaries of my 39th... this was my 7th Anniversary.... sure saves calling the fire department when they light the candles. I have my wonderful husband to thank for a great dinner. It was Wednesday and we had church so when I got home there were steaks, salad, & fries (with seasoning salt,  YUMM)waiting on me. I have the best gifts!! I can't ever ask for more.... my husband and my children!! I can't thank God enough for them!! Each year on my Birthday I again thank God for the many blessing he had given me! No material gift could ever take the place of my family. The best gifts are those that come straight from the hand of God!!!
My greatest GIFTS!!!


Cloth Pot Hat and Apple Seed Bag courtesy of Granny Jo!!!

Do you remember 1st grade? Well, I vaguely remember a few things but I don't think that we actually took a couple weeks to study the life of Johhny Appleseed. It doesn't matter what they are learning, Kea is all about it. He digs deep into whatever it may be. We have had apples galore, apple cider, applesauce, dried apples, and well you catch my drift.... he was so sweet that he gave me an apple for my birthday and it would not do til I cut it and we shared it....he is so thoughtful!! Anyway Friday was Johnny Appleseed Day and they were having a parade. He was all about some Johnny Appleseed, as you can tell.


The most amazing part of my week was the Women's Retreat. Ohhh there is so much to tell that I will just have to make it a post of its own. I will give a glimpse of it..... Extravagant Love. In depth study of God's Word, praise, time of fellowship, fun, friends,  full of hugs and encouragement, a visit to Billy Graham Library, more study and sillyness. Overall a wonderful time in the Lord, spent with wonderful sisters in Christ. What refreshment, what joy!!! What an opportunity!!

Until next time!!

Piper :)

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