Monday, February 24, 2014

Prayers for Venezuela

My brother and his family are missionaries in Venezuela. And for those of you that don't know there is much political unrest in that country. He keeps in contact thru email, facebook and a blog on occasion. He has been asking for prayers for several weeks. 

The Lord woke me up very early yesterday morning with my brother on my heart. I began to pray for him and his family. We know very little of what is going on there, but we know that it isn't good. I read an article and someone said, "we are a very rich country, but we cannot buy a kilo of flour". Those words pierced my heart as well as reading about attacks on the innocent. 

I cannot imagine what it is like there. In my selfish, fleshly mind, I am thinking that boy just needs to pack up and get back to the states. I even sent him a message on Facebook that we were praying, as well as letting him know that he needed to get home. I tend to worry....I know those of you that really know me.... are thinking "tend"??? more like constantly. My mind does head to the bad and I can allow the enemy to come in and turn me upside down! Its a constant battle, but that story is for another time.

Not fifteen minutes later, B brings me my phone and its my baby brother!! (Isn't technology great?? its not even long distance!!) After getting my message he had to share with me what happened...or yet what didn't happen because of God's hand of protection. Assuring me that they are right where God wants them to be. Sharing Christ's love is why they are there. They are in the midst of people that practice Catholicism as well as worshiping 8-9 other gods all at the same time. Head over now to The Venezuelan Voice to read God's Timing is Perfect, my sister-in-law shares what my brother shared with me on the phone.

What faith! What love the Father has shown them and to those around them that they have been ministering to since they moved there in September. He was praising God for His protection, how He showed up and showed the lost that HE is God. My brother has such a peace about being right where he is. He is there to share Christ, and that is exactly what he intends to do. There is no safer place than being in the center of God's will. God's protection, provision. guidance, love, etc is what got them to Venezuela. He mentioned that they have about 3 weeks of food left, but he knows that God will supply all their needs. 

As I hung up the phone, I was putting chicken in my crock-pot. My heart was heavy. How selfish I am. How blessed I am. I can open my freezer and my pantry, get out food, and if I don't have what I want or need. I go five minutes from my house to the grocery store. 

I feel so unworthy. 
My faith is weak.

BUT, my Heavenly Father loves me unconditionally, even in my selfish state of mind. The Lord reminded me He is in control and He has a plan. I just need to trust Him in all the situations going on on Venezuela, as well as what is going on in my family. And most of all, I need to love Him with all my heart, mind and soul. 

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Pray for my brother and his precious family. Pray for God's protection... provision of food. 
Pray for Venezuela. 

Be a blessing to someone today!!

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Sherry said...

Oh my! You and your brother are both so inspiring. I remember reading about when your brother's family first went to Venezuela in the mission field. I would be a worrier too if it was my family, but I am so thankful that people like your brother listen to God's will and do His work. I will be praying hard for God's provision which I know He will provide!