Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hard Work Pays Off

If you have more than one child, you realize when they are just a bundle in your arms how different they can be. It is amazing the differences in my children. 

Our girls have always been very studious, and they worked (& still working) very hard in school. Never really had to push them to get their work done. They knew what they had to do, and they did it. Very smart, you know what they say about book smart? :)

Now Bub, well he is also very smart, but he is the athletic/social type. He tends to put things off til the last minute, and sometimes he does just enough to get by. When he puts his mind to it, he gets it done, and makes good grades. Since grades make a huge difference in High School, we have to push a little more, and sometimes I worry, so I bug him because, he rarely has homework which is a little odd to me. He says he does it at school. And sometimes I accept that and hope for the best! He knows what is expected and obviously he does work hard.

On Sunday, he was inducted into the National Honor Society!!! Proof that he has been working hard and doing what he is supposed to be doing!! It is an honer to be a candidate for NHS! Just having good grades, doesn't get you chosen. You must also meet the criteria of leadership, service and character! What a great honor to be inducted into this group of fine students!!! As parents, we know that he is a good kid, but we also know that the world can get in the way of a lot of things. You raise your children and you pray that God will lead and guide them and sometimes, some get lost a long the way. This makes us very proud that its just not us as biased parents but, that his qualities are recognized by teachers and faculty members as well.

He may not think this a big deal, but we are extremely proud of him and his accomplishments! 

Purposely turned his head.... I drive him crazy with the camera!

Awwww he smiled for me! :)

This pretty girl is a 2nd cousin! Can you see the resemblance? She is always beside him because of names being in alphabetical order! B & her Dad were cut-ups in school. They tricked a teacher into believing one was the other!

A great groups of boys fine young men! They have grown up together!! I can't believe that they are all driving!!!  :( yesterday they were only 9!


We want you to know that we are extremely proud of you and your accomplishments! Continue to work hard, as you see it pays off. You are a great example to your friends, and your classmates. Choose to be a leader and not a follower. Do what you know is right at all times. Even when you think no one is looking. Keep your eyes on the Lord and He will direct your path. We thank God for you and what He is doing in your life!

We love you!!! 
Dad & Mom

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