Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I am a 1 Minute Indian.....???

When Thanksgiving rolls around in Elementary school, also comes the learning about Thanksgiving. You know about the Pilgrims and the Indians.... well, mostly general stuff that we all sort of know in our minds. Some of you, me, may be shocked at what your my second grader remembers about what they are studying. I know I haven't posted much about Kea and how his little mind works. The main reason I haven't, is well.... I am not really sure how to explain it.

Anyway....he has been asking about his ancestors for a while now. Every time the commercial comes on it catches his eye. "See Mom, that's what I am talking about." I know no one else does this, but I sort of, "mmhmm" and go on. I know I should pay more attention, but you just have to know that if I entertain him at all, it will go on & on & on.

Well, back to the Pilgrims & the Indians. The other night this is how our conversation went.

"Mom, do we have any Indians in our family. Are we part Indian? Were any of our ancestors?" (you see where this is going don't you?)

"No, not really, but yes, we do have some ancestors that were Indian." (me in my mind... why is it no one every asks if they are part Pilgrim?) 

"Well, can I go on" (see what did I tell you??) I mean I would really like to know if we have any Indian ancestors. (this was a 15 minute discussion and finally I just gave in!)

"Ok, sure.... go ahead." (He started with my mother and 20 questions later, I tell him, that his Grannie Q was French Canadian, so he is probably not going to find Indians, that the Indians are on Paw B's side)

"So does that mean I am part Indian??" (oh dear here we go...)

"Yes, you are a very small part Indian" (I was trying to think down the line what I would be and what he would be).... " I think you are like a 32nd Indian."

As serious as he can be he says, "So, that means you are a 1 minute Indian?"

I thought for a second, and I lost it, I absolutely lost it. It was not the kind of laugh that you can hide, I busted out, laughed so hard I was crying. Even typing this I am getting tickled all over again! ((I know you may have had to think on that a minute, if it takes you more than 30 seconds you may have a problem, lol)

Bless him! His Daddy got a measuring cup out to explain it to him, because I could NOT keep a straight face.

When I finally composed myself, I called my Dad (& and he cracked up too) so that I could find out for sure and he said that Kea is a 32nd. So I guess I am a 1 minute Indian after all!!

I can only imagine what Kea will share at school..... I am almost afraid!!!

Love this boy!! We never know what he is going to do or say.....

Never a dull moment with this boy!!


Deidre said...

hahahahaahaha HILARIOUS!

He cracks me UP!! Who in the world would have thought of that?

onepassionatewifeandmommie said...

That is HILARIOUS. what a great mind he has!