Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Let's Catch Up!


I know I haven't posted in over a week. I have good intentions, and sometimes even have something in mind that I am going to post "when I get a minute"! Unfortunately, minutes are rare at the present. I don't know about you, but the start of a new school year wears me out, the new schedule, homework, who needs to be where & when, band practice, football games, etc. Anyway, I am not completely out of the blog world. I visit several blogs pretty much every day, and sometimes I try to at least let you know I have been there, especially when I have been led there by the Lord. Sometimes what you write is "just for me"! I love this community of blogging and I appreciate those that take the time to share what is on their hearts. I will just run down a few  RANDOM things that's going on in my world. 

1. Football Friday nights! Yes, I am worn out by Friday, but when we get the chance to see Bub doing something he loves!! It makes all that drumming noise worth it. We are gearing up for competition season, more pictures to come (if I don't forget my camera!!!) 
Rockin' out with some blue hair!!

"CHEESE" Just so you will  know... he is a NUT! This nut doesn't fall far from the "Daddy tree" !
2. I can't believe I am going to admit to this.... just because some people feel the need to keep me accountable... YIKES!!! But I will also admit, it is super dee duper HARD!! I think it may kill me!!
Our family has started a Couch to 5k program. If you don't know what that is...  it is a program to get you off the couch and running a 5k. (now my goal isn't to run a 5k - its to just make it to the next week) I tell my children all the time...not to be negative, that they can do anything they set their minds to. But, I don't think my mind is set on running a 5k one day. WHEW it's tough. Yes, all of us. Me, my hubby, Am, Sis, Bub & Kea began this about 4 weeks ago. Yesterday was day 1 of week 4. Can I just say, I didn't do very well AT ALL. Am said, "You did finish, you just had to walk some of the run time. You aren't sitting on the couch are you?" No, but I wished I was. Seriously thinking I need to repeat week 3. There is no rules saying I can't. Just sayin'!! One plus to our workout last night, I actually got out of bed without moaning & groaning. If you think, I could never do that. Think again. I have NEVER liked to run. My theory with running has been, only if someone were chasing me, and then I would probably stop and say, "What is it that you want?" Cause it may just be easier to just hand over my empty purse!!!  I will say the part I really love about it, is that our family is doing it together, we push each other, and we encourage (most of the time - Bub is hard core!! Of course he is the one IN SHAPE) Unlike me, I am just a shape! Lol!! Even Kea said, I love that our family is getting healthy together. After hearing that, I can't quit can I??

3. One reason that #3 is so HARD, I just had my 8th Anniversary of my 39th Birthday. I AM OLD I TELL YA!!!! I cannot believe I just told my age to blogland. Its better than the alternative, I suppose. 
My sweet husband took me to lunch, I went shopping and to lunch with Sis and my sweet Momma Saturday, then we went out to eat that night.  (Friday, remember is football games) and of course our family 'thing" to do is go eat Mexican, so they can put that sombrero on your head, serenade you in Spanish, and of course dot your nose with cool whip. Don't understand it, but ok! Keaton loved it, Sis & Bub both took pix with their phones. Thank GOODNESS they haven't thought to post them anywhere. SO   - darn, no pix for my blog. HA!  We went to visit my Dad on Sunday and enjoyed time with them.  All in all it was a great birthday weekend. Maybe its not so bad when you get to celebrate for 3 days!!! 

4. On Sunday, while at my Dad's I was soooo lucky!!! Another birthday present!! While I was there, my brother in Costa Rica called!!! It is rainy season there, and the whole time we were on the phone it sounded like a monsoon!!
He sounded great! They are doing well, adjusting to a different way of life. They walk pretty much everywhere, (no vehicle there) an remember its raining there. Charity has blogged some since they have been there. I love that she is sharing even the little things.  Check out The Venezuelan Voice to see how life is for them. Scroll back to September 5th to see what has happened since they left the states. Please pray for them!!

5. I don't know if you have ever visited The Mob Society (For Moms of boys) but it is great!! I am so encouraged by this site. Right now they are gearing up for a re-release of Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God Meets You in Your Mess
Ever felt like this?
“Right now, I have nothing to give. Nothing. Nada. I’m tired and don’t feel good and honestly, I want a break from everything. It’s not that I want to leave my family, trade them in, or get new ones. I WANT to be with them. I just want a break from hard hearts, discipline, correction. I want their hearts changed and I can’t do it myself. Sometimes, the knowledge of this makes me feel hopeless and helpless.” (from www.themobsociety)

You will want to check this out. Even if you don't have a boy, this book can be an encouragement to you. I have the original ebook (print form) and most of it struck me as if someone had been following me around for a few years. I have my days where I just feel like I am spinning around, not headed anywhere..... and if you have ever felt this way. You will want to get this book!!
6. It's FALL ya'll!! I love Fall and everything that comes with it. Even the busyness of the season. The cooler temps, the beauty that God displays is a sight to behold!! I pray that each of you can find something in your day to show you God's power, and His amazing LOVE!! 
Fall 2010   - Road trip!!
Table Rock in the Linville Gorge area in  NC  -(borrowed from online image)
 Remember to worship the Lord, for He IS WORTHY!! He is OUR Creator KING!!

Until next time!

God bless!!!

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Sherry Reese said...

I've missed you on here, missy! It sounds like you have been very busy like me. I love that your family is doing the C25K together...I am a tad jealous. Like you, I hate running and exercising, but my body is crying out to get in shape. It is just pitiful that I my age I have trouble getting out of bed and feel the stiffness and pain that is supposed to only come with really old age...not your age, are still quite young!

I am also quite excited that it is fall although it is a particularly busy time for me with work and school and family events. And I do love the M.O.B. -- especially since I met you there! :-)