Thursday, September 27, 2012

Do Not Worry About Tomorrow!!

(Picture found on Pinterest from Etsy)

With all that life brings I tend to worry about a lot of stuff.  My husband's favorite words of (ahem!) comfort to me are, "Oh Ye of little faith!" (I know, sooo very comforting!)  And he says that I even worry about not worrying. Does that make sense to you??? Because it certainly doesn't to me??? :) When things seem to be getting to me, or an overwhelming sense of anxiety grips me, I am learning to go to God's word, more and more. It seems that the Lord keeps putting messages, lessons, devotions, encouragement from others, to remind me that He is with me and to Fear Not! Last night the reminder is that He is with me no matter what and because when Jesus said, "it is finished" the veil was torn and immediately I then had access to the throne of the most HIGH! I can commune with him anytime, anywhere and He is listening. Co-workers may think I have lost what little mind I have left, but that's ok. I am clinging to the promises in His WORD today.

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