Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's Going to Be a Great Day!

Are you a morning person?? If you are? Then good for you!! (and bad for those that have to put up with you in the mornings) Because I am not!! I need some time and space in the mornings. I don't like getting up early....I don't talk... I don't do loud.... I don't make decisions, at least not hard ones.... I am pretty much a grumpy butt in the mornings. I am better left to myself when I get up. There ~ I have admitted my fault for all the world to see!

This week I have tried to have a better attitude when I get up. Sort of, choosing to be nice and not snap anyone's head off. The boys started back to school this week, so I am getting up earlier so that they can have a better breakfast than just poptarts or cereal. No, I don't get up and make a full fledged bacon, eggs, & homemade biscuits. But, I have quick and easy things that I try to do each morning. Oh, do you love Pin*terest like I do?? Well, I have found some great breakfast ideas soooo the first morning of school, I attempted to make Funfetti Cake Pancakes. 

Did you get the "attempted to make"? Let me say this.....I love Pin*terest, but either some of these women are "Suzy Homemakers" or I cannot follow a simple recipe. Some of those recipes, do not turn out at ALL like they look on their blogs! And they aren't very tasty either. The kids said they were ok. But they weren't pretty to look at, and they took longer to get done in the I burned a couple. I know it probably has something to do with the fact that I am not a morning person! Next time I feel Funfetti Pancakes are in order. I will just put sprinkles in my pancake mix!

 This morning when B woke me, (bless his heart, he has the pleasure of waking me up :[ ). I did not want to get out of bed. I was in a fog thinking, is it Friday?, oh man, its just Thursday! So I pried myself out of the bed and immediately all the things that I needed to get done today started running through my head!! Do you ever think??? I have too much to do and not enough time to do it. How can I possibly get it all done? I was pondering all that and Kea got dressed and came to me and said in his chipper sweet voice,

Kea - "Mom, I think that it's going to be a great day." 
Mom - You do? (thinking thats a pretty profound statement coming from him at 6:15 -he sorta has his mother's disposition about mornings, that is until he has been up for 15-20 minutes and his Dad's happy go lucky morning person's disposition explodes!!)
Kea - Yes, I do. I don't know why but I think its going to be a good one.
Mom - You know that's a great way to start your day, being positive. Knowing that God is taking care of everything.
Kea - Yeah, I know. (and off he goes singing songs from The Lor*x)
Mom - thinking... well that conversation didn't last long.....

Which left me to my own thoughts. Wow, Lord, you left it up to a 7 year old to put me in my place this morning. Instead of worrying over my day, thinking of all the stuff, I should put on my happy face, and start the day with a positive attitude. And with his little thought, which is a really big one... It's going to be a great day!!  In my mind I began singing, this is the day, this is the day that the Lord hath made, let us rejoice, let us rejoice and be glad in it and be glad in it.....

So today I am choosing to think " it's going to be a great day!!"

 Hope you "have a great day!!"

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