Friday, August 24, 2012

Content: Trusting Him

In my last post, I mentioned many things that are swirling around in my head, and how stressed I can allow all that to make me. Last night was Open House for Kea, needless to say, I was consumed with the situation we have with him. And by the time I left, I was in shut-down mode. I keep telling myself that I have to TRUST HIM, that He has it all under control. One day this week I got an email from DayS*ring with this

I immediately went there and got my printable and its on my bulletin board by my desk to remind me that I just need to Trust Him with this circumstance.  As well as any other circumstances that come my way. 

If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that music and worship is a way that the Lord uses to speak to me. Rarely, does a week go by that I do not post a video. Today is no different, on my way to work this song came on, I love it, I have hinted to Bub that he needs to learn it. From time to time my past haunts me and I allow it to discourage me and it seems when I am in the midst of a struggle, I let my guard down and satan sneeks in and throws it back in my face. Instead of facing the the battle at hand, I allow him  to add past battles as well. So, I become even more discouraged. In my quest to find contentment with things and to focus more on the Lord instead of my circumstances, I had the radio turned up and this song was EXACTLY what I needed to hear this morning. So if you are in the midst of a struggle, if you beat yourself up over your past, have a regret as recent as yesterday, or you just need a reminder from Him today, take a moment and listen to the words, let them soak in and allow the Holy Spirit to work. Let Him whisper, "Child lift up your head".

Praise the Lord! I am not who I used to be! He is not done with me yet!! I am REDEEMED!!

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Deidre said...

I absolutely LOVE that song! I keep wondering if someone will learn it soon :)

Ahhhh ... trusting. HARD, HARD, HARD.