Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Content: He is Faithful

Have you ever had one of those times that you are just "blah"? To be honest, Kea was talking about feeling "blah" the other day. And that explains how I am feeling pretty well. Well, I am having one of those times. I think that every year just before school starts. 

I have been thinking about
summer ending
school starting 
the scheduling and routines getting into place (which is a good thing, but I fight it right along with my children)
the regrets about the things that I had planned to do over the summer that we didn't do
my children growing up way to fast  
Sis is in her second year of college
that as another school year begins the obstacles we will face with certain situations with Kea
Kea's fear of storms
that this will be the last year that I take Bub to school~ he will turn 16 in April! YIKES!!
how much I love the fall
football season, band competitions, ~ great fun but our weekends take on a different meaning
Christmas being 4 months away(I know,  you didn't want to hear that)
how stressed I let all this and more make me. 

Did you notice in my list very many positives?? Uh, no not really. I need to look at this list as positive opportunities and not something that looks like I am dreading. Being content is something I must strive for each and every day. God has a bigger plan than my to-do list. And I am thankful for that!!

I was reminded yesterday, as I was blog hopping (a hobby of mine-not even sure where it was) that I allow all this to take my focus off of God and onto circumstances. In my quest of CONTENT,  I should consider it all joy that my children are growing up, that I get to watch them grow, learn new things, and experience life with them. I need to take time to sit back and enjoy them instead of being all worked up all the time. I need to take things one day at a time, one crisis at a time and remember that God is faithful. God is in control. He is with me through it all. He will make a way! 

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