Monday, June 25, 2012

Baseball & More Baseball

In hopes to get the past few months of pictures off my camera, I now present BASEBALL!! Both boys played and we juggled schedules to make the best of their seasons. With a rough beginning for Bub, with breaking his thumb he went on to make the best of a tough season. With a one week break, Legion ball began and we are in the final week of those games. I love watching my kids in everything they do, but I will have to say, I am ready for a break, a short one, but at least what is coming up has to do with intentionally serving the Lord. More on that as the events take place.

He always seems to know when I am taking pix... he makes sure his back is to me! 
In Action!

Kea does not have the drive and the heart for sports as Bub does, but he loves the social, getting to do something aspect of playing. He does very well and their little team had lots of first time players but at the end of the season they came together and beat a tough team in the final game of the season. You would have thought they won the championship the way us parents were acting.... its all good. RIGHT!!?? I am the Momma and I am going to cheer for my kids!!! So don't judge, if you don't cheer ecstatically, I know you want too. You just think you have an image to uphold. I on the other hand do not. lol!! Even though Bub would prefer that I sit prim, proper with my mouth shut..... (too bad, its just not in me!) So in being that MOM, I will post lots of pix!!!


GO KEA!!!!
Finally makes it Home!! (all season he would get upset because he would get on base (a good thing) but would never make it home....bless him!! 

Thank you Lord for the talents and the abilities of my boys!!

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Tammy said...

Enjoy each moment! They go by so fast!!! Ours are done with baseball and I miss it *so* much. :) Great photos.