Wednesday, June 20, 2012

100th Post!!

I can't believe it! Really 100??? If you started with me in the beginning of my wacky blog, I have to be honest and tell you.... I really didn't think I would ever have anything to blog about. Well was I wrong! I am almost in the mentality that when something occurs ...I think, "I need to blog that". As a matter of fact I have the end of the school year, and the last few weeks to blog  A LOT about... concerts, awards, VBS, etc. I just haven't had enough time to upload my pix and for some reason I don't think that I can write about it unless I have a picture or video to go along with it...... And that is sort of my thinking since I think I sorta started this blog as a Family Scrapbook of sorts. So, those things will come, in time.... hopefully before the new school year begins. lol!!

If you weren't here in the beginning, on August 16, 2011, I started here and I have pretty much stayed true to that initial post. I have PRAISED my Heavenly Father.... I have bragged on my husband, my children and grandson....I have definitely been  RANDOM (cause that's just how I am), and I have tried to refrain from be venting, griping, or complaining...

I thought I would celebrate my 100th post with 100 things about me... naahhh, too boring, I would lose you before # 10. Not, only that I would probably run out of things by # 21 or something would come along that would distract me..... Not that I am easily distracted or anything....
So I thought I would do something a little different, fun & quick! I made this at and the best part was I didn't have to type in all those words!! It took them straight from my blog!! Pretty nifty!! And yes, in blogging I am trying to simplify and not take up soooo much of my time trying to make everything perfect. Yes, I tend to be a little anal, I started to pick 100 words or my 100 Post titles, but I am trying to apply "let's keep it simple, silly". At the end of my life would all the details that I let consume me really matter??(on that note I know that this isn't exactly centered... and overwhelmed sort of runs off the page... I did try to fix it.... 3 times...and 3 strikes.... I am OUT!! LOL!!

I have looked back over my posts and I love how I am able to see my feelings, or my thoughts, my pictures and my blessings from different times just in the past 10 months. That is worth it all. For those of you that have followed me from the beginning... THANKS!!! And for those of you that have been gracious enough to follow me, Thank you for reading and for all the encouraging comments. I didn't know what a blessing a blog could be!!!
Have a great day!!!

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Kim said...

I love this!!!! 100 Wow. What a great Idea. I love that you are anal and random. You are so creative! I am glad you kept at blogging. It is a joy and blessing to follow you. You are a sweet, sweet sister in Christ and I love you.