Thursday, December 1, 2011

Give Thanks Day 30

Ohhh I can't believe I have survived the month of GIVE THANKS posts.....
On November 30th I gave thanks for a WONDERFUL MONTH OF THANKFUL TIME with my WONDERFUL FAMILY!!

I  meant to share some of the things that we were thankful for throughout the month and I am sorry I failed there....soooo here is our tree and a partial list...
Lots & lots to be Thankful For!!!

Thanks to my Secret Encourager for these little people & the pumpkin! Perfect addition to our Thankful Tree!!

My kids...salvation....Mom & Dale & Preacher's Mercy...WGBC Church Staff....Friends...toilet paper(love that!!) prayer...Sunday school dog)....God's comfort... Bible...Godly workplace...Women of Grace grandparents ....parents...Flow (sis's car, lol)...God's timing...sleep(amen!) family's grace....forgiveness...

There are several, I didn't list them all....there are over 180 leaves on our tree!! I am so thankful for the time we spent talking about these things and sharing them with each other. I am so proud of my children for sharing their hearts and their gratitude for God's blessings!

Father, thank you for putting this idea on someone's blog and on pinterest ... I know I am a copycat, but I loved this so much. Thank you for your many blessings on our family. A month is not enough to thank you for all you have done and all that you are. We have so much to thank you for!!!

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