Monday, November 21, 2011

Give Thanks - Days 20, 19 & 18

(This is my attempt to catch up my Give Thanks posts.......)

Day 20

Yesterday, I GAVE THANKS for those wilderness times. You know the times and trials that you seem to be wandering around just as the Israelites did? Oh, yes those times are hard, tough, devastating, discouraging, etc. I know you are probably thinking, why would you be thankful for those times. God's word says:
In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 1 Thessalonians 5:18
 To some of you it may seem very odd that I would be thankful for those times, but as I think back to when I turned my life completely over to the Lord was when I was so far down in a pit that I couldn't look anywhere but up to Him. I had tried so many times to just do it my way. My way was a disaster. My way was really ugly. My way, wasn't too good. My way turned out to be a huge long way around.....just like the Israelites. I wandered far too long  until I realized that the only thing I needed in my life was God, nothing ever worked for me. He became so near and dear to me during that time, that I didn't ever want to be far from Him again. I was too scared. He had let me go way off His intended path for me and I knew I never wanted to go down that road again. He brougnt me to a relationship that I never knew existed. I drew closer to Him. I may have never gotten to that place had I not spent that time in the wilderness. Oh, yes, I still have trials, and I find myself wandering around, but God is working on and in me during those times and yes, I am thankful that He loves me so much, that He just won't leave me where I am.

Day 19
On this day I GAVE THANKS for my church, my pastors and my church family.We have called WGBC home for almost 15 years. We can feel God's presence when we walk through the doors.  I am thankful for men that preach God's truth every time they stand behind that pulpit. These men of God pray for our church family and are there whenever you need them. They give us what God wants us to hear, even if it isn't popular. Even if it steps on our toes. For me, its usually a crushed foot. I love them and their families so very much! Our church family is full of prayer warriors and those that are there for you whenever you call on them. We have many friends that we have been blessed with since we have been there. They pray with you, cry with you and laugh with you. Our children have grown up with many Christian friends and other Christian influences and mentors. I can only pray that those of you that may read this that don't worship with us, have a church and church family that is touched by God's hand.

Day 18

On day 18 I GAVE THANKS for my home..... now understand I am very thankful we have a house and I don't take that lightly. But, God didn't just give us a building with four walls to live in. He gave our family a home, one where there is family, laughter, love, tears, hugs, each other, troubles, arguments, picking, and aggravating. Oh, there is so much more than the piles of laundry, the dirty dishes, the meals to prepare, the beds to make, toys to put away, the clutter that makes this house a home, or even the floors that constantly need to be swept. There is God's provision, a picture of His mercy, His grace, His love and His redemption. At the end of the day, when I finally crawl into bed, I thank God for the house He made a home!!

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Deidre said...

I love this list! It takes courage to say you're thankful for the wilderness times. Only God! Love you.