Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Give Thanks Day 21

Last night I GAVE THANKS for Christian Radio. Where we live, we can pick up four Christian radio stations. Isn't that wonderful?? I love it all from Southern Gospel to Contemporary. So many times the words of a song, are just what I needed to hear. The encouragement and the passion of these stations and those that God has placed to work there is a great way to stay out of the world. From the music to the programming of those preaching God's word it never fails to be a blessing to me....so thankful the avenues God uses to reach me. I love to drive down I-40 in the mornings PRAISING MY HEAVENLY FATHER!!! I am the one with my hand raised as you are driving past me!! 

Below are the stations that I listen too....not all at the same time of course.... 



www.klove.com 94.1 Lexington
If you don't have one of these stations in your listening area.... you can listen online!!! 

Father, thank you for Christian Radio. I have been blessed time & time again by these stations. Lord I pray that they continue spreading the Gospel to a world that needs you desperately. So many times I take it for granted that I can listen to Christian music anytime, anywhere!!! Thank you for those stations, the artists that you have given talents to so they too can share the Gospel.! Thank you for giving me a reason to Praise You!! Just because of who YOU ARE is reason enough to PRAISE YOU!!! 

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