Thursday, November 3, 2011

Give Thanks Day 3

Today I want to GIVE THANKS for MY CHILDREN!!! I wanted to give each one a day of their own, (see that would be 4 days...easy days!lol!!) but as I thought about each one, I was reminded what a gift it is to be a mother........
You see, my first marriage was very short, and let me just say that I wasn't in the Lord's will at all. Anyway, while I was married I had to have surgery for scar tissue that involved an ovary. It was pretty bad,  and long story short I was told I may never be able to have children. What can I say, BUT GOD knows more than any doctors.!!! Praise HIS NAME!!!!

God BLESSED me with a child by marriage and 3 children of my own. How do you like that BUT GOD story??!!!

I am giving thanks today for Am!! She may not be my birth child, but God placed her in my life when I met Benny. I was soooo scared that I wouldn't be a good stepmother to her. BUT God, gave me what I needed to get through some hard, tough and special times. Thinking I may never have a child, God allowed me to help in raising a child was an opportunity I did not want to take lightly. I thank HIM for blessing  my life with her. I am a better mother because of her. She has grown into a beautiful young lady, loving wife and a GREAT mom!! (saving the grandblessing for another day!!) I am so thankful for her and what she means to me. I DO NOT consider her my step-daughter. She is my daughter!!
My beautiful daughters!!

I am giving thanks today for Sis!! Oh, the excitement when I found out I was pregnant!!! So thankful God's ways are higher than mine, the doctors or any diagnosis! The day she was born, I was filled with a love that I had never known. Our lives were changed that day. She has always been the sweet spirited quiet one, very smart girly girl that loves shoes, pocketbooks and anything pink!!  Today she is a lovely young woman, who has a special spirit about her that is very rare. Now a college student, her life is full speed ahead. Yet, she knows the ONE that is in control and she walks the walk!! She loves the Lord and wants to serve Him. She is beautiful inside and out. I am loving the time she & I spend together! I want to be just like her when I grow up!!

Doing what he loves!!

I am giving thanks today for Bub!! Oh my, again I was sooo excited when I found out God was blessing us with another child!! To be told, you may never have a child and then God blessing you with TWO!! It was awesome. I know that deep down Benny wanted a boy...I mean hey I did too. We had two precious girls so a boy would be great!!! But, we really didn't care. We didn't know what Kaitlyn was going to be and we didn't want to know this pregnancy either..... How's that for those of you who know how IMPATIENT I am? WOW when he was born, everyone's attention was on this little boy!! If not, he made sure of it...
I have to confess, I had been praying that the Lord would help me in the patience department...well, warning. DO NOT PRAY FOR PATIENCE! Because I got him to worketh patience in my life, lol!! He loved me & his daddy so much that he didn't let us have a full night's sleep until he was about 6!! He has always been ALL BOY!!! Any kind of ball, he absolutely loved. And from the time he was 2, he has been about some drums!!! He has always been Daddy's boy unless he was sick or hungry. A busy, funny, athletic, loving little boy is turning into an awesome young man. He is using his talent, by playing drums for the youth praise band & he sings too!!. He plays several sports and sets a great example of determination, sportsmanship and teamwork, not to mention he is a Godly young man in the midst of those of the world. I am so proud of what God is doing in his life!!

Looking tough on the outside....but heart of gold on the inside!

I am giving thanks today for Kea!!! OH MY!! For those that know me, you know I was in denial for months. When I thought that I may be pregnant at my age(that I was), I was scared to death!! I was much older. We were done. I could not go through 6 more years of sleepless nights, I mean really, I was older, I  needed more sleep!! Our kids were, 19, 12 & 8!!  We didn't know why? and again... BUT GOD knew best!! What a blessing this rambunctious boy is!! We could not imagine life without him. My pregnancy was smooth, otehr than the fact he decided to come 2 weeks late, it was all good!! Hey, by the time I accepted the fact I was really pregnant, we found out he was coming, several  months later he was born!!  He is loving, smart, funny, serious, inquisitive and very grown up. He keeps us on our toes. In ALL areas of our lives. God knew what HE was doing when he blessed our family with him. I only have one issue, he is growing up way too fast!!

Oh Lord, I want to give you thanks for the awesome opportunity to be a MOTHER!! Thank you for my wonderful children!!

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Elaine said...

I love everything about this post! You can tell how much you love your children just as you read it. I also love that we share the same BUT GOD moment! Isn't He simply amazing?!?