Sunday, November 27, 2011

Give Thanks Day 26


Yesterday was a great day. For us and our crazy lives we still had places to be and things to do, but it was good. We were all together, not half going one way and the other half going somewhere else. This doesn't happen very often around here, we are usually in several different directions at the same time. 

I enjoy watching my boys play basketball and one had a game early in the day and the other had one late. There is something about Pre-pee wee basketball that just makes me crack-up smile. Most of them don't have a clue and when they run with that ball like they are headed for a touchdown (dribble, ?? why do you need to dribble?? Lol!!) Sorry, I don't have pictures or a video. What kind of Mom takes the camera and never uses it? One day, maybe I will remember to video and share with you.....

In between the games we didn't really do anything. Now I didn't say we didn't have anything to do. We just didn't do anything. We needed to do lots around here, but it was just a hang out day until we had to leave for the next game. I don't have any pictures of Bub's game either. At least I am consistent.

After a supper with ML joining us we decided to go bowling. You have to know I am the homebody type so this was pretty out of my norm and to do something spontaneous is really out of my box. We had a good time. It's great to watch your kids & your husband have a good time. So what if I came in last??? And didn't even break 100?? I was a winner just being a part of our fun. I love my family and just being together was such a blessing to me. 

Thank you Lord for a day of family togetherness. It is wonderful to be able to just enjoy one another, hang out and have a laid back kinda day. Days like that don't happen very often and I am thankful that it was yesterday. It was a great way to spend the Holiday weekend. 

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Anonymous said...

My family is in Kenya and I realized how it is important to give thanks to a family together! Blessings!