Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Hear an Echo!

I have something that has been "echoing" in my head, in my heart, in my everyday.......

In a sermon a while back an evangelist, David Ring (has cerebral palsy), used a very compelling example in his message. He asked for help for a drink of water, he asked 7 times before anyone came to help him get a drink of water. I totally blew it. I never thought to get up to help him. I did think maybe my son (who was sitting on the front row), or maybe my husband, or, someone. But, when he began asking a few people, "Why didn't you help me?" And he told them, "You blew it!" 

How many times have I seen someone that needed help?
How many times have I thought, "someone should do something"?
How many times have I questioned why a thought or a burden is in my heart?

Why didn't I? Or Why don't I?

More times than not, I blew it... or better yet still blowing it.

In another message by Pastor Todd Good not long after that he said, "If not you, then who? If not now, when? Talk about a statement.... I don't have a clue what he said after that....because that stuck in my head..... I wrote it down over & over. 

How many times has God put something in my heart?
How many opportunities have I missed?
How many times did I think that's someone else's job?
I sometimes think:
  • I could never do that....someone else would be better at that.
  • I am scared. 
  • That is out of my comfort zone. 
  • I don't think God means me.
  • What will people say? 
  • I have enough to do. (just being honest here) 
When I laid my head down that night, I accepted the fact that I had to step up to a situation that has been haunting me for over two years. I have been praying about this for a long time and questioning God as to why it was taking so long...... Over the years, I have learned to pray over things instead of jumping headfirst into it... of course that is what we should do. I am afraid that I have taken that to the extreme at times.

After putting some thought and prayer to that thought. Many times I have prayed that He would use me, place opportunities in my path, to show me my purpose.....and then and there He showed me some things that He had placed before me. But, it wasn't something that I wanted to do, or it was inconvenient, maybe it came with sacrifice, or it was too hard,  scary, embarrassing, etc. Guilty of not doing what God placed in my path, who knows the number of blessings that I have missed. I have blown it more times than I even know!! 

OUCH! a hard pill to swallow.

Situation after situation over the past few months the words "If not you, then who?" have echoed in my head. I have shared it with a couple people, even when they questioned what  they should be doing. And those words come up A LOT!! 

Just last night I got a text that said, "Go NOW and watch" (the following video) pay attention to the chorus lyrics

Needless to say... there is an echo and now I believe it is on REPEAT!!

What have you been praying so hard about?? Do you think that God will change His mind about what He is showing you? Would you stop and pray about helping a child across the street? Would you pray about helping a single mother that needs food for her children right now? If someone has fallen would you help them up, or would you stop and pray about it, or see if someone else helps? Sometimes God places those opportunities at that very moment. The moment that we have prayed for.

Each of us has a purpose, and maybe you are waiting on God to show you the BIG GRAND PURPOSE you think He has for your life. While you are waiting on that just ......


If not you, then who?



Deidre said...

If not YOU, then WHO?
If not NOW, then WHEN?

Can't get away from it. I am the MASTER at saying NOT ME AND CERTAINLY NOT NOW!!!

Sherry said...

Oh Piper, that one really stepped on my toes! You are such an inspiring woman to me. Thank you so much! And your encouragement and prayers this past year have meant so much. I am so thankful for "online friends" like you!

petrii said...

"Well, I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of life with no desire I don't want a flame I want a fire....."

Dude, are you hanging out in my heart? A fly on my wall? =) Piper, what a beautiful post. I struggle with busyness. I was writing about this just yesterday. God will lay someone on my heart and I will think, "Yeah I'll write them an e-mail as soon as I finish _____" And then I forget and it doesn't get done. No more of that!! If I truly want a fire and not just a flame then I must be intentional. When God says, I do. Simple.

Thank you for this and for your sweet comments.
Have a Blessed day dear one ~~ dawn