Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Oh What a Night :D

Mid- Fall back in 2013, we headed out for a night of fun to celebrate 21......

Lol!! Confused?? You have to sing the word with the tune from the song "Oh What a Night"!! I am sure most of you don't even know that song... it came out before I was born!! 

If you read my last post you will remember that my hubby & I were celebrating our 21st Anniversary!! We are not the most romantic people on the planet....nor are we spontaneous by any stretch of the imagination. We usually celebrate by going on a date. Which normally consists of going out to eat, then heading to Wal-*art on our way home. Exciting & romantic right?? Oh, we have gone out of town a couple times.... and I did plan a couple surprises along the 21 years, but we have had such a busy couple of months, going away seemed like more work than play. 

So, we planned to go out to eat. (I know some of you are like - BORING!!) Not really, not when I get to spend some one-on-one time with my man. You do remember we have 4 children, one which is married and 2 grandsons......? :) love them all to pieces but once in a while completing a conversation can be nice.

Our special friends asked us to go on a date with them earlier last week. She didn't realize it was our anniversary. We talked it over and it has been months since we have gotten together, just adults. We decided, sure!!

Then the problem of deciding where to go or what to do was at hand. Geez. They too are like us. Not very spontaneous. Well...... a pi*teresting  I went. 

Have you ever heard of a Food Crawl? Or Progressive Dinner?? Well, I had, sort of. Go to one place for appetizer, one for dinner, one for dessert, and then something afterwards. (Alright, people lets keep it clean!! This is a family blog!!) Soooo, L & I decided we would go for it.... with a twist. Each of us would choose a place we wanted to go for each part of the night. Then we would pick from an envelope where we would go.....at each stop.

When I first told B what we were going to do.... he looked at me like I was C.R.A.Z.Y. (I read his expression as WHY?) He warmed up a little once he tried to figure out his choices. I think it was the same with C, he thought L had really lost her mind. 

I have to apologize, because I really meant to take more pix.... but we were having way too much fun!! And eating WAY WAY too much food. (seriously, gluttony is a sin!!)

First Stop- Appetizers!!  We had Sis pick our first stop!
My hot date!!
Our pager #!!! We were celebrating 21 years!!

Fun with the BFFs  
We had our server "pick" what was for supper!! 
 Next on the agenda  - dessert!! (really?? I am so full!!)
Oh my goodness.... and boy was the Apple Dumplin AWESOME!!

Picture from Cracker *arrel(the crunchiness is sinful!       

 By the time we got to the Afterwards, we realized it was late and going back to our house was the only choice that was open (with the exception of S*arbucks) and we def could not put another bite in our mouths!! 

What a fun night!! We laughed, we talked serious stuff, not so serious, (oh, I left out the part about the Questions game.....a fun game with interview, communication, interests questions). Somethings we learned about each other was TMI......
someone doesn't like to wear white underwear
someone likes a winter coat
someone doesn't like dogs (other than their own)
someone's spouse is most like the cartoon character Minnie Mouse and another is like Hank Hill
someone won't share her toothbrush
and some things.....well they don't need to be repeated! :)

We had so much fun, that we intend to do it again.......

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Janis Cox said...

Just loved this.
So happy you enjoyed your night. sound like fun.
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