Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Over Three Months Later....continued!

After posting the Sprinkle info for Baby M... I am excited to finally post some pix of the latest blessing added to our family. Yes, Baby M is now 3 months old, better late than never, huh?? I am still a very proud Lolli!

May I present to you Baby M!!!

Hello Lolli!!

Beautiful Mom right after Baby M was born!

Sweet baby boy!

Lolli getting to cuddle with this precious bundle of joy!

Lots & lots of hair!
Pop already spoiling him!!

Aunt Sis!

Uncle Bub! 
 Not sure what happened to the pix of Uncle Kea & Baby M??

The whole family!
Thank you Lord for the blessings you pour on our family!


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Sherry said...

Oh, what a sweet little bundle of joy! He is beautiful, and what a beautiful Mommy and Grandma he has too. Thank you for sharing him with us!