Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In His Arms

Life has a way of pulling me in more directions than I can count. I allow myself to get stressed out, overwhelmed, anxious, tossed and tumbled. In all that, my focus gets off of my Savior and on my circumstances. I reach a point that I feel as if I can't take another step and I finally realize that I am depending on myself to make it. I know that I cannot do "life" alone and again I find my Heavenly Father waiting with open arms for me. Oh for HIS ENDLESS GRACE!

I ask that you pray for my mother-in-law, she is having a biopsy done today, as well as my father-in-law as he recovers from surgery. And if you will please pray for Bub, the Lord knows the situation. May GOD's hand be upon them!!

Praise the Lord for HIS MERCY AND GRACE!!!

3 comments: said...

Hi Piper, great post. Spoken through the heart. When we try to do things our way, it is a train wreck. Only through Jesus Christ and His love can we truly find peace in our lives.

Prayed for Bud & your father n law & mother n law. Our Lord is the Great Phycisian.

Laura Hodges Poole said...

I can relate, Piper. Thanks for the reminder to trust God through everything. I've added your prayer requests to my list. Hope all goes well.

Lee said...

I needed this today. The last couple of weeks have been a struggle and today was horrendous. Thanks for sharing.