Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Riding the Virginia Creeper!!!

What an awesome beautiful fun day!!! A friend of ours asked if we would like to go ride the Virginia Creeper on Good Friday. At first I thought...uh riding a bike for hours??? I had heard a little about it before and after checking out the website I definitely thought it would be a great day to get away, even though I was a little concerned about being on a bike for 17 miles~YIKES~ !!! Our whole family (except for M, he had to work, next time M!!!) even Baby C enjoyed the day!! Warning... this post is full of pix!!!

The whole crew ready to hit the trail!!!
This pix is courtesy of http://www.raisingfutureesthers.com/
Our Family... minus Bub he took off we will catch him later!!
Baby C... ready to "ride bike!"

 Kea is feeling a little puny..... (not for long) and his big sisters

Beautiful weather...thank you LORD!!

All smiles now!!

All of us, well except Bub, he was way ahead of us with his friend & the oldest of the group! Shhh!! Don't tell her I said that!!! Never mind, I am sure you are reading this...... I have to hand it to you....you  hung right with those teen boys!! Good job!!!
This pix is courtesy of http://www.raisingfutureesthers.com/
Me & Kea!

I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too! Bahaaa!! B picked on D ALL day!! pix courtesy of www.raisingfutureesthers.com

Oh there's Bub (on right) & his friend...Can you tell Bub is not into having his picture made??

The rest of our "Crew"!! Love them!!!
Lunch time! They have been friends since she was just a baby!

She saw Mr B taking the pix....lol!! I love this ...so cute!

And they are OFF!!!
More of God's Creation!

Getting very sleepy....night night!!
Her Dad is keeping an EYE on that boy!...lol!!

Look R, its the little train you flew past!!

Waiting for us at our destination! So proud of these girls!! They were awesome!!

Really proud of this little guy, too!! WAY TO GO KEA!!! YOU RODE 17 MILES!!
B whoo hooing as we near the finish!! He's is sooo funny!!

Look who we finally caught up to.... at the Bike Shop!

Nothing like a nap after a 17 mile bike ride!
Warned you there would be lots of pictures!! There are more where these came from, but I was afraid blogger wouldn't let me post!! 

Thanks D for asking us!! We had a great time! Enjoyed the fun, family, friends and the fellowship! Ready to go again....well, maybe not just yet....let my tailbone rest!! 

By the way, who invented the bicycle seat anyways??? I am thinking we need to re-invent it!!!


Laura Hodges Poole said...

Wow! What a bike ride! Your pics are beautiful. I can tell you had a wonderful day.

rita said...

I am Soooooooo far behind on reading -and commenting!
Just let me say ....I may have been the oldest but you would have never known it- you guys couldn't KEEP UP!
We had such a wonderful time, and I am so ready to do it again!
(well except for the little accident - don't want to do that again)

Love you guys!