Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sights of December 2011

I had something special I wanted to put on this post, but the video card went out on our big computer :( and I had planned to post tonight, so prayerfully we will get it fixed and I can post it another time. I was so excited because we got a video camera, until it STOPPED working! errhh!! Lost some videos..... sooo sad

The month of December is challenging at our house, well most months are, but December seems to be very hectic. Beginning on Thanksgiving Day, our oldest son is in the Carolina's Carrousel Parade, which is the first of 5 parades in 2 weeks. Then there is Children's Christmas Play at church....A BIG DEAL around here. (especially when your associate pastor compares it to a Broadway production!! YIKES!!!) We pray, plan and pray some more for months and then all of a sudden the day is here. Then there's my mom's birthday, Bub's band concert,  school party, first college exams for Sis (stressful!!), the boy's basketball practices & games begin, the decorating, the shopping  .....all that and more that I know I have forgotten about.....

Are you tired yet? Just reminising over all of it I am very tired...very....

Then finally, let the Christmas festivities begin!!.

This year tradition was shaken a bit.....since 1989, I have always spent Christmas Eve at my parent's house. Well.... they have their house on the market and my lovin' Christmas, decorating every room Momma, didn't decorate on the slight chance that an offer would be made on their house. So they came here! We still had the traditional ham biscuits, sandwich tray, more than enough goodies, just like we did at my grandmother's when I was growing up. Before the presents were opened Keaton read the true meaning of Christmas!! I was sooo proud!! We played Apples to Apples and had a great time together!! Breaking tradition wasn't heart wrenching at all....It was great! After everyone left the kids were in bed before 10! Now that's a miracle!!

As tradition has held since Sis was a baby, both sets of grandparents returned Christmas morning, to watch them open their gifts. Then what Bub says is his favorite part of Christmas.... CHRISTMAS BREAKFAST!!! To hear him tell it, it is like no other, as if, eggs, homemade sausage, bacon, has brown casserole, biscuits & gravy are just different at Christmas.....And just as we were beginning to cook...our favorite family from Texas joined us for breakfast!!! To hear her tell it....Bub bragged about it sooo much, they just invited themselves, lol!! We love having them and they are part of our family whether they claim us or not!!

After breakfast, Am, M & Baby C came and spent some time with us. We are very lucky and we get to hang out all day at our house!! It's a stay in your pjs kinda day. Unfortunately, later in the afternooon, I begin to fight a terrible migraine which I fought until Tuesday, nothing like being down on a day off from work. Although, I think that God allowed it so that I would just stop for a bit. I had been running on empty......

I usually have tons of pictures, but this year I chose to leave the camera alone and be more intentional about being with my loved ones.

I do have some of what December held for our family!!! Enjoy!(sorry they are not in any sort of order!)
In a parade!!

Sis & Baby C in a parade!

See the cutie in the red tie...my very own drummer boy!

Baby C loves Uncle Bub and the drums!

The best kids E-VAH!!

Sweet Angel on the left & my Kea on the right.

You may remember this pic from a few posts back.... Do you recognize them?? They are now 6 & 7 years old!

Miracle on Main Street!! They did an AWESOME job!!!
My precious baby boy. Shhh don't tell him I said that!!

Oh yeah, we now need to add 2 front teeth to Santa's list.....
 The next few are while they are playing Hedb*nds...that's funny right 'der!

Hmm, am I an animal?

I don't get this?!!

Am I a food?


This was soooo funny(look at his card)....He is Pop & I am Lolli.....lol!!!
Waiting on Bub to march in parade!

Bub is done!!! Waiting on Santa!!

Hope you enjoy a little of our December Madness!! I have more to post...for some reason I cannot get some pix or videos to cooperate.....Sounds of December 2011 coming your way as soon as I can figure out my tech problems....to be truthful its probably the operator!


Deidre said...

I love all the pictures. We love to play Headbanz too. My word, Keaton and Olivia are growing up. Her two front teeth are almost ready to come out which makes me want to cry.

Oh, and could we please tell Emma to stop posing like a gangster??

Monica Tillery said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I totally understand the need to pray before commiting!

What adorable pictures you have!! It looks like you guys definitely had a wonderful December!